Here are all the updates on planning our big day!


 Beginning Stages of Planning

Vendors and Big Details


Bridal Shower

Hair Disaster

How We Met!

Advice and Review


Rehearsal Dinner




8 thoughts on “Wedding

  1. Good luck with the wedding (this will be my last comment for the day! I feel like a blog stalker! Ha) 12 days! Wow! Guess it’s 11 now … Best of luck. It will go fast but I know it will be wonderful! Best of luck to you both 🙂

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  6. So your a Terps fan AND you were married on my birthday, it’s a pretty terrific date if I do say lol. I know this late, I just found your blog, but the letter to your dad made me bawl like a child. As a Daddy’s girl myself my heart broke for you. I haven’t read all your posts, yet, but I have a feeling he was there that day even if it wasn’t physically.
    Last comment I swear, after I lost my Nana and [adopted] Grandpa, I found strange things that reminded me of them. My Nana loved wind chimes and hummingbirds, you wouldn’t believe the number of times they’ll randomly appear when I’m going through something difficult, same for my Grandpa. I heard it’s actually very common, maybe you’ll notice it too? 🙂 Very sorry for your loss, and congratulations on your marriage!

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