Life {lately}

Wow, I just signed in this morning to write a quick little post and WordPress alerted me that today is my third blogging anniversary. Crazy. Seriously, that’s nuts! I’ve always loved journaling, taking pictures, and reminiscing – so, this seems to be a good match for me! I have loved getting to know you guys and sharing our little journey with each of you 🙂 Thanks for making this worthwhile for me! Three years ago we were just dating, living in an apartment and Hunter was still a little pup. Now, we’ve been married for almost two years (where did the time go??), have two dogs and tackle home improvement projects like nobody’s business. It’s funny how things change! Who knows where we’ll be next year or even next week, but I’m happy that I get to share it all with you 🙂

I had a small computer malfunction that has slowed my actual camera picture editing. Thankfully, it seems to be fixed now (yay!), but that means I don’t have all the goodies ready for sharing. Oh well!  I still have a boat load of pictures on my phone that I cherish as well. Sometimes I feel like my phone pictures are a better representation of my life anyway. Not staged, not edited for the perfect lighting… just life.

Before we get started on those, here are a couple quick things that are worth mentioning that don’t have pictures attached to them…

  • For the last two weeks I’ve had a terrible pain in my knee and Alex has had some serious back problems. We’ve almost worn out our heating pad and ice rice bags (thanks, Suzzette :)). We took some time off our normal workout schedule and things seemed to get better. However, this weekend my knee took a serious downward spiral. I’ll be picking up a brace this evening to see if that helps – if not, I’ll be making my way to an orthopedic doctor.
  • Remember how I told you that we were asked if we wanted our bathroom to be on HGTV? Sadly, I found out last week that it won’t work out. Apparently my “before” pictures were not high enough quality. It’s not like I can just re-stage the bathroom and take new pictures, you know? There’s nothing I can do about that! The old bathroom was hideous, dungeon-ey and falling apart. Of course the pictures didn’t look as shiny as the new bathroom. I was pretty disappointed but – maybe next time!
  • Alex is about to finish up his second school semester after taking a long hiatus when he joined the military. This will be his second semester in a row getting straight A’s!! (Fingers crossed that I’m not jinxing anything, although he only has one week left and 99% of his work is already done!)

Okay, here’s what our life has looked like over the last few weeks —

Ribbet collagewv

a+ b.) a gorgeous covered bridge that we visited on a recent trip to WV (although I think this particular bridge was in VA) c). Alex, Alyse and I (oh and a little Bailey and JoJo in the back) hanging out on said WV trip d.) the gang minus a few of us.

Ribbet collagejake

a.) my mom’s super cute pup, Jake. She sent this picture to me yesterday and it’s too cute not to include! b.) Alex alseep in WV with a bed full of dogs. You better believe that I kicked those pups out to get a little room c.) Our collection of golden retrievers (my mom’s two plus ours) d.) My mom’s dog, Jake was so tired in WV that he literally fell asleep while begging for treats.

Ribbet collagesew

a.) my newest toy that I’m slowly becoming smitten with b.) a deliciously perfect pair of rainbows on my way home from work last week c.) the beautiful sunset that quickly followed the rainbows d.) my first sewing project. I made two little bags to carry dog treats in during our walks.

Ribbet collagehuntera through d) a whole lot of Hunterbug love! Including his new antler (A) and a generous ball of dirt and grass that he thought would be fun to bring into bed (C)

Ribbet collagecar

a.) a Nissian Skyline we saw at the Baltimore car show b.) Me sitting in my future mom car. I used to be slightly obsessed with the Honda Pilot, but have recently switched over to the Toyota Highlander. One of these years I’ll actually need a bigger car! c.) an old school Cadillac that was also at the car show

Ribbet collagedogwv

a through d) more WV doggie shots, including getting completely squished by Bailey (B and C)

Ribbet collageweekend

a.) Alex got up early on Sunday and surprised me by making our weekly quiche. Isn’t he sweet?? b.) a night full of whiskey tasting with the man and our good friend, Alyse c.) proof — haha. Alyse + whiskey d.) the cutest picture of Alex and Bailey ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Ribbet collagebothdogs

a.) Alex took the boys to get groomed last week. They’re so handsome now! b & c.) little Bailey and his big nose 🙂 d.) how our night ends… every single night!

What have you guys been up to? Have you taken any quick trips to get out of town? Does anyone else in the world take as many pictures of their dogs as I do? Are you getting into any new hobbies? Sewing? Anyone… anyone??

Random Acts of Kindness

Before we delve into tonight’s chatter, let’s check out how big Jakey is getting! (If you haven’t been here for awhile – No, Alex and I did not get a third doggie – he’s my mom’s new puppy!)


He’s past the “I-sleep-all-the-time” puppy stage – now he’s got an incredible amount of energy and just goes, goes, goes! Whew, thankfully he doesn’t keep me up every night!

Back on track — In the last two days I have experience two amazing, random acts of kindness that I can’t help but to share with you.

Do you remember when I wrote a post about how we got and then proceeded to get rid of mildew from our carpet? No? Well, check it out here. My main purpose for writing that post was to save at least one poor soul who was frantically searching the internet for ways to save their stanky (yes, I meant to say stanky. so what?) carpet.

We spent FOREVER a long time searching for the miracle answer that would save our carpet. Honestly, neither of us thought it could be saved and we feared we would have to replace our carpet only one year after we installed it.Thankfully, we found that miracle answer with the good people at Bissell and their wonderful Big Green Machine.

About a week after I wrote that post, I received an email from Bissell thanking me for the positive review. Not only was I shocked that I received a heartwarming pat on the back, Jeff (the amazing Bissell guy!) ended his email by wishing Hunter a great recovery from his recent surgery.

Yeah, that happened.

How awesome was that?! If that wasn’t enough, I received an incredibly generous gift from Bissell in the mail yesterday. I’m embarrassed to say, but I’m actually pumped to clean just so I can use my new stuff! We’re also working on getting a giveaway ready for you, the awesome blog readers that you are. Stay tuned for that little baby!

Not only does Bissell make an amazing product that I completely stand behind, their employees are sincere, wonderful individuals.

They made Hunter happy. That’s for sure.


Another GIANT thank you to Bissell for making my day more than once!

Something else wonderful happened. Well, first it was bad… then it was good.

Here goes…

So we’ve got an acre of land to maintain. That, my friends, is a lot of grass.


People are always surprised when I tell them this, but yes, I cut the grass. Definitely not all the time, but when your husband is gone for months at a time, well — someone’s gotta do it… And I sure am not spending good money to have someone else cut my grass when I am perfectly able albeit lazy.

Anywho, yesterday after work I was just puttin’ along cutting the grass when, all of the sudden, a band (I’m not even going to attempt to explain this one) came off and made the lawn mower completely unusable.

I called Alex in a frenzy to get some insight on what the heck just happened. He tried to walk me through putting the band back on, but no dice. It was already getting dark outside (remember how I did this after I got home from work??) and I couldn’t even reach one of the pulley things (very technical here people) much less connect anything to it.

I ended up calling my mom’s boyfriend, Don, who conveniently works on these beasts every day!

When I got home from work today, NOT ONLY was the mower back in mint condition, but the rest of the lawn had been cut for me!!!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Apparently cutting the grass for me is an instant way to completely make my day. Another big thank you to Don and Stan!


Freshly cut goodness.


How ‘bout that? Two truly random acts of kindness. Anything like this happen to you lately??


(Yes, I do wear Christmas pajama pants all year round.

I’m off to bed! We’ve got rain (and maybe hail??) hitting the roof and windows right now beckoning me to listen. You know that’s the absolute best way to fall asleep!

Goodnight my friends!

Not-So-Quality Shots

This even I was gently scolded by the mister for not putting up enough recent doggie pictures lately. I keep telling him how big Bailey is getting, but without photos – my words are certainly not as convincing. I made a promise that this evening I would go picture crazy with the pups.

For some reason, they were extremely unphotogenic  tonight. They never once stopped playing! Normally, I feel like I take pretty decent pictures for really have little to no camera knowledge. Sure, I probably know more than the average folk, but things like “aperture” don’t really mean anything to me.

Tonight I had some photo failures. Let’s check them out…

Case 1: Alert and attentive Bailey and no Hunter.


Case 2: Neither dog is paying any attention.


Case 3: Holy Teeth.


Case 4: Apparently Bailey is giving Hunter a neck massage.


Case 5: Cute dog faces all around.


Case 6: “I don’t want to pose anymore Ma!”


I got a couple of decent pictures. And again – I don’t mean good… I mean decent.



It’s been a rowdy night here!  The boys are just starting to relax – good thing too! Just in time for bed Winking smile

(We’re all feeling a little better today! Yay!)