Real Life

As much as I love blogs, there’s something very misleading about them. People only post what they want you to know. After a while that can start to make you feel like something is missing in your own life. But, that’s just the thing — people only write what they want to share. Blogs don’t encompass exactly what a person’s life looks life. No one wants to write about the stay-up-all-night-until-we-figure-this-out fight they had last week and they certainly don’t want to write about their shortcomings and failures.

Those hard times are what shape a person though. And we all have them. All of us.

In order to keep things real and give you a better glimpse at what our life looks like, I try to write about those hard times every so often. It’s an outlet for me and gives me such an opportunity to grow and learn. It also keeps me grateful when I’m having one of those everything-is-goin’-my-way months. The lows in life make the highs so much better and richer and fuller, don’t they?

In case you want a reminder that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, here are some of the things that have challenged me over the years.

Dealing with Deployment for the first time

More deployment tales and this one and this one too

Getting past sad days

Preparing for a wedding after losing a parent

A post honoring my dad


Struggles with homeownership

More struggles with homeownership

Having an injured pet

Experiencing a ruptured ectopic pregnancy

Emotionally dealing with losing the pregnancy

This too shall pass



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