House Projects

In January of 2011, Alex and I moved into our very first home. We spent months looking for the right house. We didn’t want to move into a home that was so complete, we wouldn’t be able to make it our own. However, we also didn’t want to get sucked into a house that was such a fixer-upper that all of our time, energy, and money would be consumed by it.

As every day goes by and we make small changes to our house, it’s slowing becoming our home.

If you miss any home related posts the first time around, look for them here.

Here’s a picture of our house before we even moved in. I took this when we came to the open house for the first time. There have definitely been some changes out front since then — newly paved driveway, new roof, new flower bed, pulled out some landscaping, new lights… you know, normal changes. Soon I’ll get an updated picture of the front!

Our home!

Our offer was accepted!

Settlement Day

Packing up the apartment

Moving in – Part One

Moving in – Part Two

Opening the door for the first time!

Quick family photo

Our new bed!

The first snow

Even more snow!

Our basement make-over! Updatethe basement one year later UpdateAdding Art

Surveying our backyard

Curtains and Light Fixtures

Wallpaper Removal

Alex built me a garden!See it in pictures

Garden Progress and Broken Toilet

New Dishwasher

Kitchen Paint Job

Year One in Review!

Bathroom Renovation Project:

Painting our bedroom hallway

Getting rid of mildew

How to get your garden ready for planting

How to add a new flower bed

Planting new shrubs

Underground Electric Pet Fence

Building a Picket Fence for the Garden

Mulching + Laying Weed Blocker

Refinishing old desk hardware

Installing recessed lighting in master bedroom

Staining and planting in a whiskey barrel

Summer Craft Projects

Bedroom Makeover!

Updating with Art

Laundry Makeover: Take one

Laundry Room: Take two

Painting an Exterior Door

Installing new outdoor lights

Getting our fireplace fixed

Quick + Easy DIY Chalkboard

Year Two Review

Tiling Basement Doorways

Garden Planning: Take one

Hello, Woodshed!

Living Room Makeover: Part One

Living Room Makeover: Part Two


6 thoughts on “House Projects

  1. I completely sympathize with the house work! We bit off a little more than we could chew with our house when we bought it two years ago. (It was the best we liked within our budget but needed a bit of love.) We had the wallpaper removal too. What a mess!! Looks like you are doing a great job! Fun stuff! (At two years later, we’re still working on fixing things up and making it like we want it. I swear it never ends!)

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