Why Blog?

As many of you may know me in real life and are probably unfamiliar with the blog world, you may be wondering, “Why does this girl blog?” You may have also thought, “Why does she spend so much time documenting her life for the entire world to see?” Blogging is definitely not for everyone, and that’s okay! This page should give you a good idea of why I decided to blog and more even importantly why I still continue to!

This little blog has been transformed so many times and I guarantee will continue to change and mold each and every day.

As you may (or may not) know, my husband is in the military. Thankfully, at this point in our lives he doesn’t leave for a year or two at a time – but he’s not always at home. He regularly is out of town for a couple weeks or even months at a time. On most of his trips we can talk fairly often, which definitely helps! However, with him not being home all the time – he often finds himself missing out on all the day to day joys that you find while being at home.

While Alex is away, he doesn’t get to see the dog running around like a maniac through the backyard or watch Hunter chase his tail. Especially when we don’t get to talk every day, it’s easy to miss events when you are trying to cram a week’s worth of stuff into a quick phone call. I found that I continually got off the phone thinking, “Dang! How did I forget to them him about…”

Usually he can’t bring personal items with him and often finds himself missing seeing pictures of the pup and I. One evening I stumbled along some healthy living blogs. I quickly realized that this would be the perfect way to keep Alex up-to-date while he’s not home!

Alex and my mom were my first blog readers. For awhile we sent out the link to a few family friends so they could follow along. Soon, my mom convinced me to put the link to my Facebook page. That’s probably how a lot of you found your way here!

For a brief moment I tested the waters as a food and fitness blogger. Although I love cooking and sharing my recipes, documenting my food really wasn’t the purpose of my blog. I dropped that title and decided that I would simply document my life. So here I am and I’m much happier now that I’m not trying to fit into one specific blog category. Yes, some days I might tell you what I ate for lunch and I might share a recipe with you. I may also tell you what I did for a work-out on a specific day. More often than not though, I will ramble on about events that are going on with my life.

I look forward to seeing how this little world of mine will continue to grow! Thanks for being a part of it!

Want to know more about me? Check out the “Meet Michelle” section!

4 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I’m new to blogging, so it was refreshing to read this 🙂 I see SO many mommy/fitness blogs that I thought maybe my “random” blog about things may not be one people would like to read but your blog is proof that it isn’t!

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