Note Taking

Are you a journaler? Do you feel the need to snap pictures of things so you never forget them? When you’re listening to music, do you ever write down lines of the song that really speak to you? At night, do you feverishly re-tell the events of the day?

I bet you would be surprised to learn that I am, in fact, a memory scribbler, a quote jotter, a “don’t move let me take your picture” taker. No? That’s not a shocking revelation? What gave it away? Was it this three year running public journal that I share with the world? Dang. I knew that would be my unraveling.

Throughout college, I carried a small little notebook (probably the size of your palm) around in my purse. The absolute worst thing was to laugh all night at some ridiculous joke and come morning, no one can remember it. So, my little journal filled this void. I’m not kidding you, I would take that out ANY time someone would say clever little one-liners and jot it down real quick. I’m fairly certain that I looked incredibly insane – at a bar.. writing something inΒ a notebook. You know me though, I didn’t really care what it looked like I was doing — and getting to read them all the next morning was seriously priceless.

If I didn’t have my notebook, I would write them on little scraps of paper, receipts, napkins… whatever I could find. I still find little notes in purses, pockets and jackets. It’s pretty entertaining, really.

This one was exactly four years ago when we were getting ready to celebrate my 21st birthday.


I don’t do this as much now as when I was younger — mainly because, well, I’m way more boring now! Somehow I find that going to work every day is a little less “quote worthy” than living in a house full of girls in a college town. Strange, isn’t it? Yet — the tradition isn’t gone completely. On every vacation, you better believe I’m there to capture the funny moments! Like this one…


I’m not the only one that does it either! Alex started a whole section of his “Notes” app on his phone for stupid silly things that I’ve said. Isn’t he sweet? πŸ™‚


A few years ago when Alex went on his first deployment (while we were together that is, he’d already been on a couple pre-us) — I started a journal where I would write to him every night. We only got to talk maybe once a week and during that short time, it would be so difficult to try to remember every last detail of everything that I wanted to tell him. I often found myself angry when we got off the phone because I forgot to tell him this or that. The journal also helped me feel like I was able to say goodnight to him. I know that’s kind of silly, but when you’re used to saying goodnight or calling when you leave work every day, it’s hard to break that habit. And honestly, feels weird and kind of lonely when you don’t have anyone to share those little details with.


I meant to give the journal to Alex when he got back so he could get up to date with all of my happenings. Yet, when he finally got home — I was kind of embarrassed by it. I don’t know if I didn’t think it would be “enough” or I didn’t want him to focus on the times I was sad when he was gone or what the problem was — but I never ended up giving it to him.

As Alex packed up to leave town this past weekend, I suddenly remembered the journal and fished it out of my nightstand (this was pre-me cleaning it out). I read a few entries out loud and we couldn’t stop laughing at some of the silly things that I said.

It’s been a blast to re-read them over the last few days. I’ve marveled over how much has changed in just a couple short years. Some entries were mundane and just really noted what I had done that day… like this excerpt from one —


…I got a lot of chores done today. What a way to spend Labor Day. But hey! At least I wasn’t at work! I did some more cleaning, took Smelly on a coule of walks (I didn’t even remember calling Hunter – Smelly.. hilarious), ran some errands, decorated for fall, addressed some Save the Dates, watched Maryland beat Navy & made Cinnamon Honey Butter. That’s a lot of stuff!

(the next paragraph is boring… we’ll skip that. It just talks about being half way through my journal)

I love you so much. I can’t wait to kiss you & hold you & lay with you & see your handsome face! I love you so much! Sleep well! Love, squeeze squeeze


This next one I particularly found amusing. Apparently, I wrote it pretending to be Hunter (remember — Bailey wasn’t even born yet, so I wasn’t favoring one dog over the other πŸ˜‰ ).


Dear Daddy,

This note is being written by “your boy.” Dad, are you home yet? Momma keeps telling me that you’re coming home soon, but I haven’t seen you yet. Every day I hope that today is going to be the day.

Momma doesn’t play the same way you do. She doesn’t always get down on the floor and throw me around. She doesn’t throw as far as you do and she rarely takes me on my morning runs. I mean yeah, I guess she walks me and everything but she just doesn’t understand how much you and I bond on our runs.

Sometimes when I am outside with Momma, I see your truck! I get so excited! I start to bite my leash and throw it around celebrating your return. But it’s not you in your truck. Did you give your truck away? I really hope not. I love my truck. Momma says that other people have trucks that look and sounds like yours. I don’t understand that though. Bring my truck back with you when you come, will ya?

Even though Momma lets me sleep on the bed, I’d rather you be here and have to sleep on the floor again. Speaking of that, would you mind if I slept on the bed when you come home too? Momma says that I have to ask you. Maybe just for one night?

One thing that I’m really looking forward to is getting all your food scraps! Momma’s lame and only sometimes gives them to me. All in all, if I could take myself out and feed myself I wouldn’t need her. Don’t worry though, Dad. I know how much you love her so I’m taking good care of her. Come home soon, Daddy! I miss you! Love, Mr. Hunter Bo Ziffer



I like how Hunter called me out on multiple occasions. What a great dog!

One thing Alex gave me for my birthday this year was a new journal, which I started writing in last night. Maybe in a couple years I can share some of those entries with you as well πŸ™‚ My new journal pages are much larger than the old one — see them compared to each other here…


Can’t wait to fill that bad boy up with new memories πŸ™‚


Anyone else an avid journaler? Does anyone know any guys you like to keep a journal? I couldn’t think of any! I’m sure it would be fun to read about the days events from a man’s perspective. Have you shared any journal entries with anyone? What about crazy people like me that take a notepad into a bar?

10 thoughts on “Note Taking

  1. HOLY COW! I thought I was super weird – I’ve written a journal entry for every date my boyfriend and I have seen each other. I plan on doing it for the first year we’re together (only 2 months left!) and reading it several years later. I mean, it’s not necessarily the same thing but I thought I was a little crazy. It’s nice to look back and reflect – plus it’s really therapeutic.

  2. I love this post!! I am not really a journaler, I write little notes and find them stashed all over the place, but they are pretty random. Do you know that I still have the napkins that we wrote quotes on while we were on our girls weekend in Pennsylvania?! I will have to share those with you again because they were hilarious!

    • Omgish! I was wondering where those guys ran off to!! I saw a picture of the dollars that we wrote on at that random bar. “Calling… Mom” I neeeeed to see those napkins πŸ™‚ Do you remember some of the quotes?

      • I don’t and they are all packed away at the moment. Boo! But I do remember the one guy at the bar saying that they threw potatoes off the porch for entertainment. Haha Do you remember that??

      • Oh man! I would have completely forgotten about that if you hadn’t mentioned it! But, yes — I do remember it now. Once the move is complete, you must find said napkins and take a picture of them for me!!!

  3. I use to write in journals when I was a kid and then threw them out when I reread them because they were motifyingly emo and goofy πŸ˜› Oh, young adult self, so embarrassing! But this year I picked up a small unlined notepad from the craft store to write down any and anything..or draw it out. I love it so far. And like Alex, I’ve used the notes app to write down stuff Ale or I say on vacation.

    I also collected quotes in a giant sketchpad too (pre-Pinterest, haha) and used it to write in yearbooks my senior year of high school.

    P.S. I love your handwriting!

    • Thanks, Maria! I had a bunch of journals as a kid too and I’m pretty sure I threw them away out of embarrassment as well! I’ve been regretting that a lot lately! I bet they would be hilarious to go through now as an adult. I love the idea of drawing in there as well — but sadly.. my drawings would be pretty awful. I love quotes and lyrics though! Sometimes lyrics really speak to you at different points in your life and it would be fun to go back and see what I was feelin’ when!

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