Everyday We’re Tiling


For months now Alex and I have been discussing adding some tile down in our basement. Specifically, we were interested in adding a little entrance pad near the door into the backyard as well as the door into the garage. We thought it would provide some protection to our carpet when the dogs ran through the house with dirty paws.

What better time to get crack-a-lackin’ on this project than when we had our carpet ripped out?! Am I right?

When we had Empire out a few weeks ago, we had them give us an estimate on how much these two small areas would cost to tile. I’m not even joking you — they wanted $900 for these two baby areas. BUT, they were going to give us a special discount at $650. LAME.

Considering that we own a tile saw and actually know how to tile, we decided that this was a ridiculous amount of dinero when we were more than capable to do it ourselves. Instead, we just had Empire cut out our new carpet to make room for our diy tile.


We lived with this exposed COLD, cold concrete for a few days until we had the time to getta tilin’!

On the following Saturday morning, we were off to Home Depot and grabbed our supplies!


Mortar mix was laid…


Tile was cut and fit into place..


And an infinite amount of spacers were used..


Let’s check out the second area, shall we?

Check out this mess. DSC_0021

That’s actually what our basement looked like when I took this picture and showed it to you a couple of weeks ago…


You would have had no idea that right behind me was a disaster zone. That’s what real life looks like!

Anyway… back to the tile progress —


After all the tile was set in place and completely dry, it was time for grout –Alex’s favorite tile step – HA! (he hates it!) 🙂

Let’s flash forward and skip to the finished project.


DSC_0061 DSC_0060 DSC_0058

Instead of paying between $650-$900 for someone else to do this work for us, we spent one weekend and $160 for the supplies. Pretty nuts how much they wanted to over charge us!

Annnnnd, here, my dears, is the finished product by the garage door.


OH! Let me also introduce you to our new cabinet!

DSC_0066 DSC_0067

So, there you have it friends! A little review of our new tiled entryways. A snap shot of our new cabinet full o’ booze. Yep, that’s about everything!

Have you been working on any projects lately? Have you ever received a ridiculously high quote for something you could just do yourself? Does anyone else have a booze cabinet in their house? Please say yes.


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