Carpet Woes

I seriously hope this is the last post that I ever mention carpet. Somehow I doubt that’s going to be the reality though. I’m tired of it — Tired of dreaming fuzzy dreams. Tired of talking about it. Tired of the whooooole thing. Here’s what happened.

When we first moved into our house and the entire basement STUNK like dog pee. It was absolutely awful. The previous owners had three little yippy dogs, which were clearly free to wander around the basement all day – resulting in God knows how many sprinkle spots. Anyway, it smelled. Did I cover that? Our first plan of attack was to get it professionally cleaned. No luck. We needed new carpet and FAST. So, we had Empire Floors come out and give us an estimate. We were a little dumb back then… We didn’t shop around; we didn’t try to bargain for a better deal. We just knew our basement reeked and honestly, would have paid an arm and a leg to get it done.

So, we got new carpet.

Well, fast forward about 18 months and the seams of the carpet were starting to pull away from each other. We had a handful of long lines that stretched across the room. We had a warranty and we had just paid (in my opinion) waaaay too much money to get brand spankin’ new carpet. So, duh we called them to get it replaced.

Remember our carpet? Here’s a refresher.



And here’s what the seams looked like.


Would you want your new carpet to look like this? No. Of course not.

Alex called back in November to get this taken care of. For months, he went back and forth with Empire. Empire sent someone out to expect the carpet. Empire said they would replace it for free… They actually scheduled a replacement date. We cleared out our entire basement and then they cancelled after they were already supposed to be there.

Then they said they weren’t going to replace it.

Then they had someone else come and inspect it.

Weeks later they finally said they would. But, lo and behold, they no longer made our carpet so we had to pick something new (not even the same style or color). They sent out two sales reps on four different days (two days we were sitting waiting for them and they didn’t show) and we finally picked out new carpet.

Remember this has been months now and someone has had to be home for every appointment (many of which were cancelled or just not shown up to).

Yeah, we were mad and I think rightfully so. Last week I told you that I was afraid the carpet would be too dark and basically the same color as our walls. Well… officially consider me laughing in my own face. The carpet is ANYTHING but dark. In fact, it almost looks white in some lights.

I know a little six inch swatch of carpet looks very different than when it’s covering an entire floor. I was definitely expecting it to be different than the swatch. However, I’m a little irritated that it was SO different.  Another thing we were surprised by was that the sales reps told us this carpet would feel plushier than our old carpet and was a higher quality. In fact, the carpet is less than half as thick as our old carpet so the ground feels much harder and colder now.

It doesn’t look terrible. Sorry that I’m just complaining and complaining. In fact, I don’t even think it looks bad. It’s just completely different than we were expecting – and we probably wouldn’t have picked it if we had known.

Our backyard has looked like this since we got the new carpet, so you can imagine how hard it’s been already to keep the doggies feet clean before we let them into the house. I’m afraid that we’ll be one of those families that makes everyone takes their shoes off the second they step inside or wrap them in a plastic bag or something ridiculous like that.

Gross backyard:


I really try to stay positive and think… “well, it lightens up the basement a ton!” Which is true, it does. I think we’re both disappointed though – it’s going to be a pain in the neck to keep clean, which is my biggest worry.

Sorry that I’ve been kind of a Negative Nancy. There are so many worse things going on than getting a carpet that you weren’t completely satisfied with. Obviously, I have real problems going on as well. This is my little outlet and journal for our life though, and I always appreciate looking back and seeing what was going on in our lives at different times.

So, that’s my little saga. And here’s how the carpet looks. Like I told you… I’m not saying “we hate it” or “it looks terrible.” I’m simply saying, it’s not what we expected, it’s pretty dang light, and it will prove to be difficult to keep clean.





See how different it looks on different sides of the room? Somtimes it looks straight-up white. While other times it has pink undertones and even kind of tan sometimes. I just can’t make up my mind about it!

Empire finally got it taken care of, but it was definitely a headache to get to where we are right now. Apparently if you go through this much pain, they’ll compensate you in either a serious discount or in money. Considering we don’t need any more new carpet, we chose money. Have we seen it? No.

This whole saga has made us hop on getting another project tackled though. We’re about halfway through right now and I’m already looking forward to showing you. Here’s a little hint:


Have you had any pains dealing with getting something replaced? Any awesome companies that you’ve been dying to praise? Would you be irritated if this happened to you? Does anyone else have panic attacks when it comes to white carpet?

 This will make you your day better if you’re going through something similar…





7 thoughts on “Carpet Woes

  1. when we had our carpet replaced years ago the same thing happened! I thought the color was going to be too dark and when they were installing it I thought it was too light . Could you put a runner rug or a small area rug where the pups come through the door?

    • Great ideas! We decided to go with something similar. That cart full of tile is our new landing pad for each door down there (into the garage and then into the backyard). We still have some work left to go, but I’ll definitely let you know how it helps once we get to utilize that space!

  2. Oh my. That will be us in the next year or so. Buying any major purchase always seems to turn more crazy than possibly imagined, doesn’t it? The carpet does look nice, though. I’m glad the whole thing is over! 🙂

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