10 Random Things I’ve Been Pondering

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a through f – serious dog snuggles.

  • Women who wear only a sports bra and tight shorts or capris to a 5:30 am BodyPump class while it’s 11 degrees outside seriously bother me. There, I said it. You’ve got a great body, good on you. But working out basically naked is annoying and not fun to wake up to. It’s not like you can blame it on being overheated; you‘re just showing off. Put some clothes on. Whew! I feel better now!


  • After a few month hiatus, I finally stopped by the library to pick up some audio books for my long commutes. Why did I ever think listening to the radio was better? I actually look forward to being in the car! Not for the driving aspect or anything… but for the stories. I just finished my first book, Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan and while it wasn’t my favorite book in the world – it was enjoyable and got me all kinds of pumped up to listen to more. High five for simple pleasures.


  • Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by our society’s addiction to technology. I can definitely be grouped into this category as well, so don’t think I’m leaving myself out of this one. When did we start finding normal activities boring and begin to multi-task at every moment throughout the day? Seriously, I can’t even go a whole TV show without picking up my phone to check out Pinterest, look at my emails or reply to a blog comment. What did we do without smart phones and google? Now every time we see a new movie or show and wonder what else a certain actor has been in, we just whip out our phone to IMDB it (yes, that’s a verb). Being so connected has given us so, so very much – but sometimes I wonder if it’s really connecting us or taking us away from those we care about.


  • (Speaking of technology).. I’ve already mentioned this a couple times on Facebook, sorry if you’ve already heard this. But… I am in love with the movie Pitch Perfect. Here are some reasons why: 1. It’s hilarious. (seriously…? “I’m vertical running.. vertical running!”) 2. THE SINGING. Holy acapella. Come on! This remix? Love it. Plus, it makes me slide around the house in my socks screaming  singing “I’ve got the magic in me!” The singing literally gave Alex and me chills multiple times through the movie 3. That should be enough reasons. We’ve watched it four times in the last month or so. Embarrassing? No. I could watch it every weekend and be happy!


  • This is our third week of getting up at 5 to take morning classes. It’s been going swimmingly so far! Yeah, it’s kind of dreadful when the alarm first goes off – I’ll give you that. But, we crash so much earlier at night now, so we’re still getting plenty of sleep. I’ve found that I’m way more energized and awake in the morning and I think we sleep better since we’re pretty exhausted by the end of the day. It also seems like starting the day off with making a good, healthy decision leads me to make more good decisions throughout the day. I don’t feel like I’m working out to make up for what I ate through the day; instead, I feel like I’m exercising to start my day. Does that make sense?


  • I recently bought a map. A big, big vintage-y map that I can’t wait to hang. I’m counting down the minutes until it gets delivered. Can’t wait to show it to you guys!


  • Tomorrow is the big day that we’re getting our carpet replaced AGAIN. Read about why this is needed here and the first time around here. I can’t wait for this journey to be finished! We’ve had headache after headache trying to get this taken care of. The new carpet is a little plusher than our current berber, which I’m excited about. However, I’m still uneasy about how the color will turn out. Fingers crossed that tomorrow we’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  • I’m starting to plan our garden for this year in my head. I’m looking forward to trying some new produce, as well as starting more crops from seeds this year. Last year the only seed that I tried was for romaine lettuce and BOY, did it take off. Also, I’m thinking of moving our herbs to pots, which would free up an entire bed. AND we’ve been contemplating adding two additional beds. However, we typically have more fruits and veggies than we can consume already – so I’m interested in reading up about canning techniques to get the most bang for our buck. We’ll see!


  • Some friends of our family recently lost their mother from cancer. I’ve found myself pondering and reflecting what it was like when I lost my dad when I was twenty, right around the same age as these girls. My heart hurts for them, knowing what it was like to go through losing a parent at a young age. I know how lost, sad, and even angry you can feel at times. It won’t be an easy journey for them, but I hope that with each day their pain lessens. Stories like this bring you back to what’s important in life, doesn’t it?


  • Have I told you that Alex is currently working towards finishing his degree? He’s taking his second consecutive semester right now. He finished his first semester with getting STRAIGHT A’s! I’m so proud of him! I’m sure that getting back into the college mindset is incredibly difficult after taking a long break, but he’s been doing so well! It’s so important to celebrate those little victories in life 🙂

 Ribbet collage9

a. a beautiful day spent wandering around downtown Frederick b. my morning view c. an awesome barn sale we went to over the weekend. how gorgeous is that barn?! d. a stunning red door that I loooong for!

What’s going on with you guys? What are some things that you’ve been pondering? Have you started making spring plans already? Are you weirdly obsessed with any movies? Any great books that you suggest I check out? Any map enthusiasts out there? Please tell me that I’m not the only one that hates on naked people at the gym.


15 thoughts on “10 Random Things I’ve Been Pondering

    • Oh gosh, me too! Maybe I’ll try to “turn off” completely when I get home. Besides our facetime and group texts, of course! I dunno! I really do enjoy finding new things online.. yummy recipes, awesome ideas for the house — but it shouldn’t take up so much time, ya know?

  1. I just caught up with some of your posts, and I wanted to first say congrats on the good news about the baby situation!! I know it has been a rough road for you, and I’m so happy that things are starting to look up 🙂 And yes, I always wonder what motivates people to wear just a sports bra or tiny spandex to workout in. I would feel so awkward being that naked in a gym! As for the technology thing, I’m totally guilty of being obsessed with my phone. I do the same thing as you where I feel like I need to check Instagram or some other app on my phone while watching TV. I feel like I’m always distracted and can’t just focus on one thing!!!

    • Thanks, Connie! We’re hoping our luck will turn around here shortly 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one that shakes my head at nakey people at the gym. So strange. As far as the technology goes, hopefully us just being more aware of it will make us more present. Here’s hoping!

  2. I’m with you on the naked gym time. I feel self-conscious when I wear a fitted tee versus a baggy old t-shirt, haha. And we definitely need to hang out sometime! I’m not too far from Frederick!

  3. Totally with you on the technology addictions. And I just got my first smart phone last month…and I’m hopeless! And I’m with you on the gardening too. It’s warm here, so it’s hard not to want to be out there already!
    Hope you are having a great week!

      • Definitely tomatoes and zucchini. My husband wants to try corn again (which didn’t work out the first time, but he’s from Illinois and he’s determined 🙂 ) and probably lettuce. I also want to get some herbs outside in pots, but not sure on that one yet. And here I go, rambling on about gardening. I’m sure I could go on forever if I let myself. 🙂

  4. I hope the carpet exceeds your expectations! You’re so right about Pitch Perfect, such a cute movie. And congrats and good luck to Alex on his degree!!

    Also – my heart goes out to your friends who lost their mother. 😦

    • Thanks, Jessica! I’ll definitely let Alex know 🙂 I’m really hoping that the carpet works out too! I guess the installers are there now and Alex says that it looks a little lighter than we were expecting… which is a good thing! (I think 🙂 )

  5. Looking forward to your post about your garden. My wife and I are also planning ahead on what vegetables and herbs we want to try this year.

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