Year Two Review

Not only is Monday MLK day and many of us have the day off work, but it also celebrates our second anniversary of owning our home. On one hand, it feels like so much has happened since we moved out of our apartment making it seem like it was ages ago, while on the other hand, I can remember moving day like it was yesterday! Strange how memory and perception works like that!

Move in day! TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO. Gosh, where does the time go? Do you know that all of these friends in the picture below don’t even live in the state of Maryland anymore? How depressing!

As I did last year, I’d like to recap all of our home improvements that we’ve tackled this year. We always have an ever-growing list of projects, so this really helps us look back and feel proud of what we’ve accomplished rather than feeling overwhelmed with what’s to come. It’s crazy that the house full of plaid butt-curtains, pee stained carpet, and a ticking time bomb of a master bathroom has morphed into our home.  Let’s get to this past year, shall we?

The year started off with a disaster in our master bathroom. I wrote a series of posts on what happened and how we remodeled the whole thing! This was our first really big DIY project. Prior to this we had replaced some appliances, painted a couple rooms… things like that. This was our first total gut job and probably the most expensive project to date (I take that back… last year we got a new roof, so that takes the cake). You can read about what happened here, demolition here and here, plumbing, insulation and lights here, installing walls here, tiling here, floors here, painting here, installing trim and the vanity here, and the final reveal here.

What an exhaustive project!

Next, we moved on to painting our bedroom hallway.

We also had a mildew incident in the basement, here’s how we got rid of it.

We added a new flower bed to our front yard.

And then added some new shrubs.

And had to get an electric fence installed since our pony dog Bailey likes to jump over the fence.

We added a white picket fence to the garden.

And got a new desk for the basement.

We added a new entertainment center in the basement.

We worked a ton outside and mulched and mulched our little hearts out.

We added recessed lighting to our master bedroom

And stained a whiskey barrel. And added new outdoor planters too!

We also made a ladder ball and corn hole game. AND an indoor planter box, a twine wrapped vase, and a vacation jar memento. Oh and used a whiskey barrel as furniture and added a new mirror.

Next, we finished up our bedroom remodel, complete with new paint and an added archway.

We had a field day at HomeGoods and decked out the house in new art.

We replaced our once ugly outdoor lighting.

Then we completely re-did our laundry room. Complete with new cabinets, tile floor, a new sink and so much more! (haha, I rhymed.. goo me!)

We painted our basement door red.

And had some cracks in our fireplace that needed repair.

We finished up the year with making a new chalkboard and sanding down our future mantel.

Holy Camoly. That’s a lot of stuff!

We have some plans for upcoming projects including getting the carpet fixed in our basement (that unfortunately means new carpet completely which is almost the same color as our walls down there, cue the panic of “oh my gosh, we’re going to have to repaint the entire basement AGAIN.”) We’re looking forward to giving our upstairs living room a much needed and anticipated facelift, possibly tackling our basement bathroom, and maybe even some new wood floors. I’m pretty excited to see where this year will take us!

This weekend looks to be pretty low-key for us. Sadly, Alex either got food poisoning or is coming down with the flu and is feeling super crummy. Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend? How many of you have already got the flu? Anyone have any special chants or dances that wards off the flu germies? Do you think that would keep me safe? Here’s hoping!

Happy Friday friends and have a great weekend!

Pssst – you can read all our house project adventures here!


6 thoughts on “Year Two Review

  1. Haha, look at that mint green on the basement walls! It looked monumentally better once it was painted a more neutral color. I know I say it all the time, but you guys are amazing! Don’t you feel so accomplished after this post??

  2. I loved following all these projects this year, and I look forward to seeing more this year. That paint color in your hallway is probably one of my top five favorite paint colors (and your bathroom and laundry room are envious-amazing too) 🙂

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