Little Things Lately

Lately I’ve been blown away by the kindness of others. I’ve received dozens of emails, messages and notes from so many well-meaning people; so many of them being strangers just letting me know that they’ve been thinking of me. How great is that? In a time where I’ve felt so in the dark and questioned why things happen to some people, I’ve been able to see the bright light that shines within others. It’s funny how life works out. Something bad happens, you feel alone, you’re hurt, you’re scared and then those around you reach out to grab your hand and slowly pull you from the darkness.

I couldn’t be more grateful to the people that have restored my faith in humanity. You go through life and get caught up in the hustle and bustle. You get annoyed when someone cuts you off in traffic. You get irritated waiting in pointless lines. You quickly judge others based on snippets of conversations that you overhear. You see terrible news stories on TV about bad people who committed unspeakable acts. And we start to take the human element out of life. You begin to paw at the idea that maybe, just maybe, people really aren’t inherently good after all.

And one day it happens, that one thing that brings you back to the important stuff in life. People are good. Life is good. And most importantly, life is long. Unfortunately, we can’t change the events and turmoil that life throws at us. We can only pray that we land on our feet afterward, that we keep moving forward, and can learn to find peace in the madness. But, life is long. This too shall pass.

Remember when we were all teenagers and you could have sworn that whatever drama you were currently facing was the worst thing ever and you couldn’t imagine how life was going to go on? Or remember in college there was that one class that was going to be the death of you and every exam felt like your soul was being ripped out? (What? You think I’m being a tad dramatic with that one?) I remember when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and then later when he passed, I thought that that was really it. That was my breaking point; that was the moment that I couldn’t pick myself back up and move on. But, magically – I did. All of those bad, hard moments of your life pass.

Being faced with hard events are the moments that shape a person.

Those are a couple of the things I’ve been pondering lately.

  1. People are good.
  2. Life is long.
  3. This too shall pass.

Pretty deep for a Thursday morning, huh?

Other random things that I’ve been enjoying lately:

  • Fun weekend date nights with the husband (pictures to follow)
  • The Yoga music station on Pandora – so relaxing and makes me wanna lay in child’s pose at my desk. Not weird, right?
  • Writing one thing we’re thankful for each day/the best event of the day and dropping it into a big glass jar. (this deserves its own post in the future!)
  • Getting back into Body Pump last night after a brief hiatus from the holidays
  • Those two mutts of ours. Man, do they provide an endless amount of love!
  • Flannel pajama pants from Eddie Bauer
  • Fires in the fireplace (No, our fireplace is definitely not decoration like so many people)
  • The last few days of Christmas decorations
  • A husband who encourages me to open up about uncomfortable topics. Of course, it always feels better to talk them through in the end!

And since no post is complete without some photos, I’d like to share what my life has looked like over the last few months according to my phone. These pictures were shared online using the free ap, Instagram. If you already follow me, you’ve seen these before. Sorry! But so many of you don’t use the magical ‘gram, so I feel like it’s my duty to share and coerce you to join. (You can find me at Crazypupblog). (Oh and ps. I made these into a collage using the free website Ribbet)

ANYWAY – here goes:

 Ribbet collage1

 a. cute little Hunter bud hiding under our blanket b. a sneak peak of my chalkboard project c. Bailey posing for our Christmas card d. getting back into my cycling class after way too long.

Ribbet collage2

a. more Bailey owning our bed b. Hunter enjoying his new doggie bed like a good dog c. a much needed glass of wine in front of the tree after I battled a nasty cold for a week and a half d. the beginning of a Christmas snow

Ribbet collage3

a. Alex and I out for a date at a hibachi grill near our house – one of the most fun nights in a long time! b. my cousin, Shannon, and I on New Year’s Eve c. the husband enjoying some couch time (isn’t he cute?) d. our view at said hibachi grill (complete with a Christmas tree and all!)

Ribbet collage5

a through d – so. much. dog. love.

Ribbet collage6

a. Hunter and Bailey being such good boys posing by the fire b. Bailey falling asleep with his new antler (his new best friend) in his mouth c. our last picture of 2012 d. Alex enjoying our new mini corn hole game — so much fun!

What have you guys been pondering lately? Any big life questions you can’t get out of your heads? What have you been really thankful for lately? How much do you love the ease of photos on your phone? SO MUCH. Have you been starting the year off right with keeping with your resolutions?

Oh and p.s. I think you know this already, but none of the companies or products mentioned have paid or perked me in any way. Pandora stilllll doesn’t know me (what’s with that?) and Eddie Bauer hasn’t given me any free pj pants (darn!). Just sharin’ the love.


8 thoughts on “Little Things Lately

  1. It’s amazing to think how little acts from strangers or the enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life can make such a difference to your day! I think the one thing that I am going to focus on this year is finding the joy and happiness in everything. Enjoying even the small things – trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue, a snowball fight, a good book. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel that I have to look a little harder to find the bright side in something. That’s my resolution 🙂

  2. I finally gave in and got a smart phone, and now…my phone is being used more than my camera! I’m so addicted. 🙂
    I love your thoughts. Time moves too slowly and too quickly at the wrong times. I have definitely learned to appreciate each day this past year.

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