Laundry Room: Complete

First and foremost, I’d like to say thank you for all of your sweet, kind and uplifting words after I shared my story of my emergency surgery and ectopic pregnancy. Each of you brought a smile to an otherwise very morose me. I got messages and emails from people I hadn’t talked to in years with positive, kind words; it was wonderful to reconnect with many great folks.


I’m still recovering, but I’m doing much, much better than the first few days. Over the weekend I started venturing out of the house for a couple hours at a time. I quickly needed to get back home and rest, but it was great to finally get out.

With mixed emotions, I attempted to go back to work today. I hadn’t driven since the surgery and was surprised at just how tired I got after just driving into work. I didn’t last the entire day, just 5 hours out of my normal 8 hour work day. However, with the hour drive to and from work – I was out of the house for 7 whole hours. That’s at least 3 times longer than any other outing.

As proud of me as I am, I over-exhausted myself today. I arrived home with a face covered in tears and splitting pain through my insides. After I took some medicine, had lunch and talked through my emotions, I started feeling better. I’ve definitely decided to ease back into my normal work schedule, as to ensure that I don’t find myself in a similar sobbing exhausted mess. I think now that my body has recovered a great deal, I’m starting to deal with the emotional side of losing a pregnancy. There’s been a lot more crying the last few days than there was when I first got home from the hospital. I’d like to get all my reflections down, but I’ll save that for another day when everything is a little more clear.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Alex and I couldn’t appreciate the support from our family and friends (and bloggie readers!) more than we do. You all are what makes the world go ‘round.

For now, I’d like to share our long overdue recap of our laundry room remodel. We finished the room about three weeks ago, but with how life has been going lately, this post fell off the radar. I can’t believe we started this remodel way back at the end of August! It has been the never-ending project that we thought would be completed within a couple weeks. Alas, we didn’t have such luck but we’re finally done and ready to show the world.

First, let’s jog your memory, shall we?

This is what the ol’ wash room looked like before we got out hands on it.


Why yes, the wall color is the same white, flat primer that coats the ceiling.

Back in January we took advantage of the holiday sales and purchased a new washer and dryer for the price of one. We also added some shelves on the wall parallel to the one shown, but besides that – this room was a blank slate.

In our last update, I showed you how we ripped out the linoleum and laid new beautiful tile.


We also pulled down a wall and replaced all the old copper pipes to new PVC to prevent any future water leaks.


After the new wall was hung, puttied, and sanded – we were ready to paint. We decided on the color Misty Morn by Behr for it’s light appearance – it wasn’t too blue, too dark or too grey. Oh, and we went with our standby eggshell finish for easy wipe downs. Check out the back wall after the first coat of paint.


Better than this, right?


Alright, moving along. We put things loosely back in their places to work on the rest of the details. I’ll tell you what – it was incredibly irritating to hook up the washer and dryer every time we needed to do our laundry!

Next came hanging new cabinets! As I mentioned earlier, we hung some open, temporary shelves earlier this year. With two fur ball dogs , I had to re-wash all my small appliances each time I wanted to use them. Doesn’t that seem counterproductive? Clean something, put it away, to take it out and have to clean it again? Here were the old shelvies.


Functional, yes. Could they be better, yes.


Oh my lordie, how much better are those puppies? A million times better considering I got to watch this hunk install ‘em.


We also purchased new cabinets for above the washer and dryer. We scored a fantastic deal and the new ones give us over a foot of additional storage PER cabinet. Storage space for the win!

Okay, okay…. we did some other stuff but let’s share the before and after picture before we get to the little details!!




Laundry Room After

Can you believe that this is even the same room? And what’s better? We did the entire thing ourselves. Well, Alex did the entire room himself and I occasionally handed him things. Kidding. Kind of.

So, in the after picture you can see the new cabinets and the new sink that we got for a steal! The great folks at Lowe’s were trying to get rid of last year’s stuff to make room for their new truck load and we ended up giving us the sink for $100 when it was originally $279. Yes, that happened. Check out the sink again –


We installed new shelves in our former-bedroom-closet-turned-kitchen-pantry for additional storage as well.

Before —


After —


Now all my important baking ingredients are at arm’s reach and magically organized – aka – life is good.


As for the little details: we added a closet bar under the cabinets for a perfect clothes drying location.


Our favorite doggie dish looks even more fancy now. Was it fancy to begin with? Uh, no. Now it just matches all the stainless steal. Whatever.


And remember how terrible to light situation was in the old room? No? Let’s jog your memory then..



Here’s the new light with a fresh coat of semi-gloss ceiling paint.


Badda Bing Badda Boom.

Project Laundry Room: Finished!


Of course this room will continue to evolve. I’d like to get more pictures/art/mirrors hung to spice up the room. We also just need to throw on the pull handles for the cabinets. I’m also thinking a roman shade would look fantastic in there. But for now, I’m happy to call this room complete!

What have you guys been up to lately? Finish any projects that have been haunting you for months? Does anyone else want to go rub their face on their laundry room? Probably not. Awkward.


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