Girl, Get Your Wicked On

We had a fantastically fall few days this past weekend. Not only was the weather perfectly crisp, but we packed our schedule with fun fall-y activities. It was definitely the kind of weekend that you spend half of the day on Monday daydreaming/reminiscing over.

Sometimes on Mondays, I can’t help but to feel jealous over those who are able to work from home or be a stay at home Mom (or Daddy!) My vision of stay at home parents is that they get to have the weekend bliss all week long. I know the reality of being at home full-time is very different than my idealistic view, but I guess it’s that whole grass-is-greener deal, right? In order to make myself feel a little better, I always tell myself that if I were home all the time, weekends would be a little less special. Just like if the Olympics were on every year or if it were Christmas time was year ‘round, those extraordinary times would… well… become a little less extraordinary and more plain ol’ ordinary.

After posting about the importance of dating your spouse (and for cheap!), I’ve been on a kick to bust outta the “work-home-dinner-clean-tv” rut that we all manage to find ourselves in. So, here’s take two of dating for less!

Katy commented on my post with a great tip for how she and her husband keep dates fresh in their house. Words of wisdom right here, folks: “…We have gone mini-golfing and to the dollar theater, which are pretty cheap in our town. We also have played tourist in our town as well as surrounding towns. We go on the city’s website and usually they have a “plan your visit” page which shows a lot of fun upcoming events!…”

What a great idea! I started hunting around on my county’s website and quickly expanded my search to neighboring counties, local cities, and quaint historic towns nearby. (hysterical sidenote: I just searched synonyms for the word “hunting” for my next sentence and found: stalking, foxhunting, blood sporting and hare coursing. Not exactly what I was searching for…) While “insert hunting synonym here” for the perfect fall activity, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of options – all being close to home and affordable!

I found events such as, wine tastings, corn mazes, craft classes, ghost tours and bike trails. Some of them required you to buy tickets ahead of time, but all were not expensive whatsoever. Additionally, we would be supporting local businesses – which in this internet deals and schemes age, is a biggie! Unfortunately our weekend was pretty packed already, so we didn’t have the best availability. However, I was able to fit the ghost tour into our schedule on Friday night! AND our friends, DJ and Tara, were able to come with us. Group of friends going out for drinks + appetizers + a ghost tour = sounds like an incredible night to me!

I decided not to tell Alex what our plans were, but just told him that we’d be busy on Friday night. All week long I heard… “Is it a haunted house?…. Is it an outdoor movie theatre?…. Is it a corn maze?” I’m absolutely terrible with surprises but somehow managed to keep this one a secret. Go me!

The ghost tour was pretty neat! It had been raining earlier so we were afraid it would be cancelled. Thankfully, the rain stopped just in time for our tour. The chilly temperatures, drizzling and wet streets made the tour even creepier! We learned a lot about the history of the town, the family who started it and what the businesses used to be. Even though none of us believe in ghosts, it was still fun!

On Saturday after we ran errands, we traveled down to a family Octoberfest/Birthday party in Virginia. It was definitely worth the drive! We had delicious food and tasty fall drinks. It’s always nice to see family that you don’t get to see very often 🙂

Our fall activities didn’t stop there, though! Sunday morning was complete with an hour long doggie walk around our neighborhood and egg, bacon and cheese — grilled cheeses. Yep, it happened. Another idea that I have to applause Pinterest for. Seriously… a normal egg sandwich and then grilled like a grilled cheese. So good. We worked on our laundry room project and then, of course, had multiple loads of laundry to do.

Sunday evening was the cream of the crop, the bees of the knees, the best of the best, the butter on my toast. We went to see Wicked!! Alex bought us tickets for our one year anniversary (paper is the name of the game on year one) and we had to wait until October for Wicked to actually make its way to Baltimore. It was so, so wonderful. Seriously… so good. I love musicals and this was just magical! The special effects, the singing, the story… AHH! Amazing! Oh, and Alex liked it too – which always helps!


So, that’s the story of how I took one of YOUR suggestions and made a perfect little date night for us. We got to learn about our community, get outside and enjoy a wonderful fall night.

And just because I couldn’t resist…

Pssst: Wicked picture taken from here. Halloween picture editted myself from this website. Locals: check out this page if you’re interested in the ghost tour or purchase tickets for the last week or two of Wicked here. And as usual, none of these companies perked me for mentioning them. Just sharing the love.


12 thoughts on “Girl, Get Your Wicked On

  1. Sounds like a wonderfully “themed” weekend! I so miss having weekends with B. Looks like his days off will be Sun/Mon through January, but frequently he’ll have to work 6 days and use one, I hope he keeps Sundays off so I can have a full day with him to do stuff like this! I love your comment about leaving that spooky wedding picture out in your house during this time of year!

  2. I love the pics from the ghost tour!! So rustic looking 🙂 (Joe loved the halloween wedding pic too)
    We have been checking out our City’s website for ways to get out on a date without it being overly expensive. We found things like a day about chocolate, because what girl doesn’t love chocolate! And a free comedy improv night! Thank you, Katy, for the suggestion!

    Quick sidenote – did you see the lady behind you in the pic of you two at Wicked?

  3. Aww this sounds like it was all so much fun! I’m totally guilty of wanting to do all this fun stuff, but ultimately, I get lazy and am fine with just hanging around the house and watching TV or going to the movies. I totally want to see a show in Baltimore though. It’s so close to us (at least when I’m home)! That vampire picture is too funny.

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