Bacon, Refs, and LIGHTS!

Did you hear that there’s going to be a bacon shortage? Yeah. The end of the world is coming in December. Right on Mayans. First the bacon goes and then before you know it, there won’t be any clean water or gasoline left to make the world go ‘round. It’s getting real out there, folks. We just need the zombies to show up and we’re goners for sure, for sure.

Guess how packages of bacon I’m going to buy to shove in the freezer? A lot. In other words, I don’t know how many packages of bacon can fit into a Costco sized shopping cart but we’re about to find out! Bacon party at our house and you’re all invited. BYOBacon – ours is sacred, sorry.

Anyway, Happy Thursday to ya. The weekend is getting closer one coffee cup at a time. I meant to post each day this week, but I have a sickly husband at home who has been needier than usual. (Sorry Alex, I love you. Don’t be mad at me, please and thank you) As you can imagine, Sick Husband > trying to come up with witty jokes for a blog post. I’m not sure if we’re dealing with the flu or just a bad cold/virus, but we’ve got boxes of tissues, gallons of hot tea, Day/Nite Quil coming out of the ying yang. The worst part of the whole dealio is that he has this entire week off for those lovely government use or lose vacation days and instead of enjoying his time off, he’s stuck at home sick. Fingers crossed that he’ll be feeling better soon and that I will somehow magically avoid the sick bug.

Anyone else feeling under the weather lately? I hope not. Being sick is zero fun. In fact, I’d rather be on hold with the insurance company for an hour than be sick for a week. (Side story: In college I participated in this stand on your feet for 32 hours straight charity “it’s for the kids” thing and about at 4 AM, my friends and I started coming up with crazy things that we’d rather be doing. Some of them included… ripping off our fingernails one by one, getting pushed down an escalator and getting tipped over in a port-a-potty. Obviously, those were all jokes (if you didn’t catch our silly sense of humor). Nevertheless, we had fun coming up stupid things for a good hour.)

Maybe we should get to the point of this post soon? No? Okay. Let’s talk about one more random thing.

Did you hear that the NFL and the Refs finally came to an agreement and the real-we-know-what-we’re-doing-Refs will be back tonight! Thoughts on the subject:

  1. FINALLY! You should have heard Alex cursing at the TV at midnight this past Monday (cue: Angry Green Bay fan). He seriously woke me up with his yelling from the other side of the house
  2.  Except for when our teams were playing (of course) – I was kind of enjoying watching the ridiculous calls. It was slightly fun watching what calls they could think of to ruin a game. Entertainment at its finest, my friends.

OKAY. That’s enough, right? Let’s get to it.

I told you a couple days ago that we were currently on hold with our laundry room project. I’d like to happily confirm that work has resumed and we should have an update for you shortly. The room is spackled, sanded, cleaned and now ready for painting. Our color is picked and purchased. Now we’re just waiting for the sickness to clear before we hop into that small, enclosed room full of fumes. YAY! We’ve also picked out our new shelving and sink (although we haven’t shelled out the cash for it yet). We still have some work left to figure out the configuration of some cabinets and we need to pick a new light. So – we’ve got plenty to do in there! Who knew that such a small space could have so many steps?

While we weren’t working in there, we decided to tackle a much smaller and simpler project. As you know, we’ve been slowly replacing the not-for-us brassy fixtures in our house. First, we got rid of all the cabinet knobs. (We literally did this the day after we moved in and therefore have no before/after pictures) Second, we got rid of some of the hideous brassy lights. Also, we’ve been making our way around the house and replacing all the brass door hardware. Oh yeah, and we spray painted the brass hardware on our new desk. Operation: “rid-the-home-of-brass-hardware” almost complete.

Our next anti-brass mission was to replace our outdoor lighting situation. These babies were rusty, falling away from the house and thus letting bugs nest inside the walls (gross) and well… pretty ugly. Since we didn’t want to spend our money on an interim light that we didn’t absolutely love, we’ve been looking out for our light soul mates for the last month or two.

And hot damn, wouldn’t you guess that they were at Home Depot all along.

Here are some before shots.

What? You don’t have a mustache above you’re front door? No? Us either. We just don’t need any crazy stalkers knowing our address. Sorry 🙂

Isn’t he such a handyman?

And he’s cute too!

Okay, so we worked on the lights for about 30-40 minutes and it started to rain. We had successfully hung the new lights around the garage but hadn’t managed to get to the front door yet.

Rain doesn’t stop us though! We kept truckin’.

Check out the finished product!

We love how lanterny they are – way more our style than the old lights that for some reason reminded me of King Triton’s trident. Now I just want to go home and watch The Little Mermaid. UHH! How am I going to get through the rest of this day? I guess the Disney station on Pandora will have to do.

Let’s chat: Are you brass haters like us? Or do you still love the golden deliciousness of it? What’s your favorite old-school Disney movie? Mine is Beauty and the Beast. Did you secretly enjoy the terrible calls that the Refs were making? Are you planning to stock up on bacon? Tell all!


5 thoughts on “Bacon, Refs, and LIGHTS!

  1. I love the lights! But where are your fall decorations?! You always do something super cute so I was a little bummed I didn’t see them.
    We definitely do not like brass.. I feel it is a little outdated and when the brass coating starts peeling it looks awful.
    See, we were definitely meant for eachother! Beauty in the Beast has ALWAYS been my favorite! We didn’t have the tape when we were growing up, so it was always one of my favorite things about going to grandma’s house 🙂

    • The inside of our house is completely fall-ed out! It’s great! We only have pumpkins and mums outside right now. We haven’t picked up our yearly outdoor decor. We’re really wanting to step up our halloween decorations this year – our neighborhood was outta control last year! I figured that I really needed to wait for October for that 🙂

  2. DEFINITELY a brass hater over here. I LOOOVE your new fixtures!!! Also depressed about the bacon shortage (aka, price increase) for the coming year. I’ll be at your bacon party for sure.

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