Keeping it all Together

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of things. What did I have for breakfast yesterday? Did we need baking soda or baking powder? Do we have plans next weekend? Why am I talking to myself?

Alex and I often wander from room to room and make a mental list of all of the projects we dream about doing for each space. Sometimes we’ll see inspiration at difference restaurants, stores, and houses and take iphone photos so we don’t forget. Somehow, we always do. A few months down the road, we’ll say.. “What was that one idea we saw at that one place? Remember we saw that woodwork in that restaurant on our honeymoon? Did I make that up? Did it have bolts or something in it?” Yes, that’s a conversation that we’ve had.

Instead of coming up with the same idea eight times before we finally commit it to memory, I’ve been working on a little organizational project.

I started an Excel sheet a few months ago to keep track of things we’ve done and future projects we have in mind. I broke it down by room and space (aka – Outside – Front of House vs. Outside – Back of House). It’s definitely not done yet, but I already feel great knowing that I’m finally getting all this down on paper… err… computer screen.


Now, I want you to keep in mind that all of these are just grand plans. They’re dreams and they may never become reality. Our tastes may change as may our priorities. We may even decide to expand our house or move into something with more space down the road. For now though, these are our dreams.

Additionally, one project for a specific room may depend on another project to happen first. For instance, I would LOVE to completely renovate our kitchen. Awesome. However, we’re also considering doing a small addition on the back of our house, which would give us twice the kitchen space. We obviously don’t want to renovate our kitchen now if we decide to expand our house later.

Here’s a few:

Basement/Living Room

Basement/Bar Area

  • Sand and finish new bar countertop
  • Replace sink in bar
  • Add granite behind bar
  • Get new blinds
  • Install new carpet
  • Add seating area with whiskey barrel
  • Add lantern/rustic lights
  • Purchase new tiffany-style lamp for icebox
  • Replace interior garage door into basement
  • Paint garage door (possibly red)
  • Add additional artwork on back wall
  • Add tile by garage door
  • Replace door hardware
  • Hang light over pool table
  • Replace old copper pipes with PVC


  • Replace linoleum with tile
  • Get new vanity
  • Replace mirror
  • Paint
  • Replace/paint trim
  • Replace door hardware
  • Install new faucet
  • Install towel bars

As you can see just by looking at our basement rooms, we’ve got a lot of plans! Thankfully, we know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a home. In the year and a half that we’ve been in ours, we know that we’ve made a lot of progress and for that we can feel proud! However, I’d be lying if I said that looking at our ginormous little list wasn’t at all intimidating! We’ve been casually making updates to the basement… let’s take a look at rooms that we’ve made a little more progress on, shall we?

Master Bedroom

That makes us feel a little better! Let’s talk numbers – in the four rooms I just showed you – we have 26 things left on our to-do list. Ouch. However, we’re still coming out on top! We’ve already managed to cross off 33 things in just these rooms. I’ll take it! Especially considering we’ve done a heck of a lot outside and in other rooms!

Some rooms we’re just about ready to call finished, while others we haven’t touched at all. Isn’t that how things go? Does our to-do list excite me? Does it scare me? Most definitely and yes.

What’s been going on with us: Lately we took a little laundry room break while we had some scheduling issues with our trusty spackling guy.

Here’s our deal with spackling – we have no issues spackling/sanding small holes in our wall. We’ve even taken out a medicine cabinet in our hall bathroom and replaced that section with new drywall. During our bathroom remodel, Alex hung all new sheetrock. We’re not afraid of the drywall itself – it’s the seaming in between sheets that we feel anxious about. The worst thing for us would be to spend a week trying to nicely seam together two sheets, paint and put a room back together and then realize we did a crappy job. Then we’d be out a lot of time and supplies and still have to pay someone to fix our mistakes. For do it yourself people, this is one job we’d rather not mess up because to us, there’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful room full of cracks between every piece of drywall. But again… that’s just us.

Our two week laundry room hiatus was very welcomed though! We’ve been busy dating each other. YEP! Married and still dating one another. Because life is short and there’s a lot of love to be had. Oh, and we’ve been tackling some smaller projects as well. This should be a fun week filled with lots of pictures! Stay tuned my friends.

Let’s chat – How do you keep your wants/dreams/projects organized? What’s the number one project that you’d like to tackle in the next year? Is it a kitchen like me or a deck like Alex? Do you still date your partner? What’s one thing that you’d rather pay someone not to screw up?



8 thoughts on “Keeping it all Together

  1. Well, once we finally own our home, I imagine that either the man/fan cave or the kitchen will be high on the priority list along with a beautiful vegi garden. Maybe when we get our house we will start with paint, even if it doesn’t end up being the final color, we would definitely to cover up any pinks, purples, or other weird colors.

    Joe and I try to always date eachother. Even if we don’t have a set time every week together, we try to at least do something just for us once a month. Even if it is something simple like walking up to watch the water falls, working out together, or game night.

    I am so excited to hear about and see pics from your dates! Any good tips for keeping a date affordable?

  2. Since we are renting, our projects are pretty limited. You have gotten SO much done by the way. I’m sure it’s easy to look at the to-do’s instead of the “done!” list, but seriously I am in awe of how much you have done already! Your bedroom wall color is my favorite part… you really changed that room SO MUCH with just that little change!

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