Fall into Action

Happy Friday! Wahoo! Any big plans this loverly weekend?

Do you remember back in April when we built a brand spankin’ new flower bed out front of our house? Check out this post for a refresher!

Here’s what the bed looked like once we were all finished with it.


I mentioned that we still wanted to plant three shrubs behind our new greenery for a more tiered look. I even dazzled you with a super realistic drawing of what it would look like. Remember?

DSC_0016 take 2

Since April we’ve been browsing through Lowe’s, Home Depot and local nurseries for the perfect shrub with no luck. Mainly, we couldn’t agree on the perfect plant so we decided to hold off until we found “the one.”

After exactly five months of growth, here’s what the flower bed looks like now.


Sidenote: Look at the massive amount of leaves in the September vs. April picture. Those puppies are going to be fun to clean up once they start droppin’. And by fun, I mean not fun. Clearly.

Anyway, you can see that our plants definitely got bigger! Yay for summer growth! The green and gold euonymus (the middle plants) have ridiculously long arms reachin’ towards the sun now. They really need a good trimmin’ but I didn’t want to stunt their growth in the first season. Come spring those babies are getting a hair cut!

We finally found our plants at a nursery down the street from us – Hallelujah. DSC_0290

They’re called Nandina Domestica and are similar to a flaming or burning bush where they get bright, bright red in the fall and stay green the rest of the year. They also get little red “berries” – seeds on them. The main difference between them and a burning/flaming bush is that they grow much faster and can be shaped into shrubs. Win!


They’re still pretty little but we definitely think they have great potential. Once our Japanese Maple gets a little more like a tree and a little less like a bush, the shrubs will be the perfect addition! They’re already starting to get their pretty falls colors, which to me – is super exciting. Nerd alert! Doesn’t it look better from when we first planted everything?


Can you even see any plants in that picture? I know that I have to do some major squinting and then I can vaguely see some green. And to think of how proud I was when we first planted that dang thing!

Has anyone else noticed a SERIOUS weed problem this summer?

I’m guessing that since we barely had a winter last year, nothing completely froze and died off. This summer we’ve had to weed like CRAZY! Of course, when we mulched a few months ago we laid weed blocker on most of our non-grassy areas.

Thank goodness we did that too! We haven’t had to weed those areas at all, while the areas that we decided not to lay the blocker down exploded with weeds! See.. we originally thought we were going to get a front porch/patio area this summer out front of our house. We got a few estimates and let’s just say… we don’t have a spare $20-$30 THOUSAND that we feel like spending on that right now.

And you can bet your little hiney that if we did have, you know, like 30K dollars just laying around somewhere that project wouldn’t be the first on our list. So… needless to say, we should have just laid the darn weed blocker to begin with.

This picture I took in MAY… that’s right MAY. And we have weeded it completely 3 or 4 times since then and it looked 10x worse than this recently.


Last weekend we weeded the entire front of our house, got it ready for winter and laid the weed blocker down.

Oh and we recently got rid of the ugly half-dead evergreens (bug collectors) that we had right outside of the door. I know this is basically a worthless picture, but I wanted you to see the dead back side of these plants (and this is the best one I can find!) We’ll keep it small so that your eyes barely pass over it….


You can see them here too…


ANYWAY – here’s the weed blocker that we FINALLY put down!



One day this week I got home from work and Alex had surprised me and finished mulching the entire area! Husband of the year award!


Let’s chat! Have you been doing any last second work outside to soak up the warm weather while it’s still around? Is there anything you’ve been putting off (like the dreaded weeding) that you still need to get around to? Anyone else craving the leaves to hurry up and change to their reds and oranges?


7 thoughts on “Fall into Action

  1. I am NOT a yardwork person, ugh! But no soaking up the warm weather since it’ll be here for a whilllle. Luckily we really don’t have to weed much, mostly we just weedwack 🙂

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