Labor Day Weekend

Hi kiddos. Happy Hump Day!

You know it takes me awhile to edit and post pictures, so the fact that these are not even two weeks late, honestly… impresses the pants off me.Labor Day

For the long Labor Day weekend, we traveled up to my family’s house in West Virginia with good friends, family, and a house full of dogs. Yep. Five dogs.

Can you see Bailey? He kinda blends in with the darkness. He’s majestic like that. We call him Christian Bale sometimes. Bale… Bailey… Dark Knight. No?


Look at the little Hunter Bud… He’s so handsome!


Cuties. Anyway, we traveled to WV with our friends, DJ and Tara (by the way – it’s Tara’s birthday today! YAY! Happy Birthday!)


We did a little hiking, we took the pups swimming, we rode some bikes and four wheelers. We people watched at Wal-Mart, you know… the usual. We did a lot, but at the same time… we did nothing. A perfect long weekend!


Soon my mom and her boyfriend, Don, joined us. We all played epic rounds of cornhole and, of course, drank too much.


We bought stupid hilarious shirts at Wal-Mart (hey, they were less that five bucks!) and made silly faces at the camera.


Hunter even made a new friend! Although, I’m not exactly sure his “new friend” was so happy about it…


We made delicious food… and may have had a slight food explosion. GET THIS — we made a giant tray of enchiladas in a.. you know, freezer to oven safe Pyrex dish. After I took the tray out and let it cool, it COMPLETELY SHATTERED. Thankfully, none of us (or the 30948 dogs that were there) got injured..

It was still a bummer that we made this delicious dinner and then couldn’t eat it though!

photo 1

Each night we played Spoons for hours and hours. Remember spoons from childhood? One less spoon than person… trying to get four of a kind? Well.. basically take that… and drink the whole time. Classic.



And then this mess happened..



They made up though…


Silly boys, games are for girls. What? That’s not how that saying goes?

There was canoodling.


There was some of this… (cough cough, Tara….)


It wasn’t all fun though. We worked hard too! There were a few fallen trees blocking access to a portion of the property. We hauled our butts up there and started choppin’ down!

photo 3

photo 5

Check out this turtle we found!           photo 4

All in all, we had a fantastic weekend away and a nice little break from our laundry room debacle.

The pups were exhausted on the way home!!

photo 2

I know Labor Day feels like forever ago and we’re already dreaming about our next long weekend, but did you do anything fun over the holiday weekend? We typically go to WV every year. Do you guys have any Labor Day traditions too?

To see some of our other trips to WV, check out this one, this one, this one, this guest post, this girls weekend, this 4th of July, this one, this epic 4th with lots of fireworks, pre-engagement, engaged!,our celebration, OH and you can’t forget these beautiful fall leaves! (just to name a few Winking smile)


9 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. Guess who else has the $5 hot dog shirt! Hahaha! He also bought the $5 think out of the box shirt, and the I give 100% at work one. It’s so funny when people complement him on his “great” shirts when we are out and about. I must admit that I put the hot dog shirt to the side for now. I think that one might just stay in WV!

    • Hilarious! I got the purple shirt with the monkey in a g-string that says “I work out,” Tara got the “This is my Hangover shirt” and I can’t remember DJs… Maybe we can get them to wear them the same day in WV?? That would be a sight!!

      • I’ll be sure to pack them. Maybe he will surprise us with one at Renn Fest! I think we are going…how bout your mom?

      • Did she not get back to you yet? I asked her and she said she was gonna chat with you! Last time I asked.. she definitely wanted for us all to hang out but she was hoping we could do dinner or something (to save money). Maybe her thoughts have changed though!?

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all. We went camping for 5 days at Dutch Flat. Beautiful weather, lots of card games, friends (Flinns) & food. Love & miss you guys.
    Aunt Marian

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