Next Up: Laundry Room

I’ve made a few comments here and there that Alex and I were thinking about doing some remodeling to our laundry room. We’ve been debating it for a few months and finally decided to just get ‘er done.

Unfortunately up until now our laundry room has been pretty much undocumented. Because… well… it’s a laundry room.

This picture I took when I came to look at our future home during an open house. Alex had been deployed at the time, so I tried to take pictures of rooms that weren’t on the online listing so he could get a better idea of the flow of the house.


Sadly, I didn’t take pictures from other sides of the room. But – to the right of the slop sink, there’s a large freezer and on the opposite wall there’s a pantry.

After moving in, we realized we didn’t have enough cabinet space in our kitchen for all of the gadgets we received from our wedding and added additional shelves to the room. We also took down the hideous curtains during our epic curtain/light removal.

Alex surprised me while I was at work one day by pulling out the old linoleum, so I don’t have a bunch of great before pictures. But.. here’s a couple after the floor was pulled out.

The shelves full o’ goodies..


Our weird used-to-be-a-closet-in-a-bedroom-turned-laundry-room-pantry.


And we had this gem for a light…


Do you see that little black thing? That’s not a bug… that’s the price sticker on the inside. Classy.

Here’s a better view of the room after the floor was ripped out.


The best part about our ugly linoleum was that there was a 10x more attractive linoleum that was right underneath!


Say goodbye to our floor!


So what’s next? Tiling! Woo.


It was such a difference from our last tiling experience! Last time it was the middle of winter, freezing and dark… basically 23 hours of the day, or at least that’s how it seemed. We did 100% of our bathroom tiling work right in our bedroom hallway. Here’s a flashback –


Anyway, back on track…

1. Alex laid new HardiBacker down.


2. I’ll skip a bunch of steps since I’m not doing a step by step tutorial… but we laid some tile..


3. We (and by “we” I mean Alex) grouted said tile.


Let’s zoom forward… Badda Boom Badda Bang! Tile!


I wish I could tell you that all that remained in our laundry room journey was painting and finishing touches… but alas, I cannot. We’ve had some plumbing issues in the past (see here and here) and knew that while we had the room opened up, we should take care of some potential problems.

To give you the cliffnotes, we have well water and copper pipes. Over years of use, the hardness of the well water (water that’s too soft does this too) causes a small chemical reaction leaving little tiny pinhole sized leaks. Obviously, any kind of water dripping onto drywall/electrical can cause big, big issues over time.

So.. we ripped out the wall to replace the existing copper pipes with new PVC ones.


WOW! That’s a lot of work! The plumbing is done and the new drywall is hung! Yippie! Right now we’re at a bit of a standstill. We’re waiting for our drywall dude to come over an mud/sand the new wall. It’s such a highly specialized skill, that we don’t feel comfortable putting hours of work into something that might still look terrible once we paint the walls.

Sidenote: we’ve also been going out of town every weekend lately (or at least it seems this way). So, this has been a three week journey so far. Obviously, we need to do laundry so we keep moving our washer/dryer from one side of the room to the other…. Here’s our work zone right now:


Just keepin’ it real!

We’ve made a ton of progress, but still have a lot to do! Hoping the rest of our laundry room journey goes smoothly!

Have you been up to any projects lately? Do you have big laundry room dreams like me? Or is that not really your thing??


11 thoughts on “Next Up: Laundry Room

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  2. You have done awesome!! I enjoy seeing the hubs and your’s DIY projects. We need to do our (tiny) master bath, its from 1970 (ugh!), but scared of getting in over my head. We did do some laminate flooring in our den (and by we I mean the bf haha).

    • Thanks! What a great comment! Bathrooms are definitely hard work. They sell books at Home Depot that teach you everything you need to know about specific projects. I know Alex bought a Plumbing and a Bathroom one before we did our project. We also flew his dad out to stay with us and since he’s remodeled a ton of bathrooms in his day.. his help was invaluable! I’d love to see a picture of your floors!

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