24 Things I’ve Learned at 24

You know that I like to reminisce. It’s not a surprise. Yesterday I was going through posts from a couple of years ago and felt numerous things. A.) That I can’t believe I’ve been writing here since February of 2010. B.) That so much has happened since then and C.) That I couldn’t be more grateful that I have this little diary for myself. I have the ability to go through different point of my life and remember. Remember my friends, remember the events, remember what it felt like to be going through certain things… just remember it all.

I happened to stumble across a post that I wrote two years ago TO THE DAY. Check it out here. I listed 22 things that I learned at 22.

First, I’m impressed with my little 22 year old self! Second, I need to re-read this on a daily basis. I could still to this very day, learn something from my own words of wisdom. Check out a couple of these…

3. Every day has beauty in it. It’s up to you to find it.  (Powerful stuff, people!)

15. Admit when you’re wrong. (Amen, sista, amen)

20. You are physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger than you think you are. (I’m going to say this to myself over and over again. All day. Every day.)

Make sure that you go on over and check out the full list.

So, I decided that two years later (remember, TO THE DAY) that I would challenge myself to come up with 24 things I’ve learned at 24.

Here goes (in no particular order):

  1. All good things will come with time. Sometimes the hardest part is waiting.
  2. Take time to find a doctor you like and trust. This is imperative!
  3. Finding a job that you enjoy is something that can completely change your outlook on life. It’s worth the risk.
  4. Sometimes friends will drift into and out of your life. Take a moment to let them know that you’re thinking of them; sometimes that’s exactly what they need.
  5. The more work you put into something to make it yours, the prouder you’ll feel when it’s completed and the better you’ll take care of it.
  6. Take time for yourself every day. Even if for only five minutes.
  7. There will always be more things to do. Don’t stress yourself out trying to get everything done TODAY or right this very moment.
  8. Everyone has different priorities. Don’t judge someone because they do things that you would never do/don’t think are important/wouldn’t spend your money on. They may feel the same way about things you enjoy.
  9. Giving forgiveness is just as important as receiving it.
  10. No one’s life is perfect. People tell/show you want they want you to see. You have no idea what goes on with people behind closed doors.
  11. Talk less. Listen more.
  12. Don’t ever forget that life is short and that tomorrow is never a guarantee. Tell people you care today.
  13. A walk as a family at the end of the day is the perfect way to reconnect.
  14. Start your own family traditions. Value them; they’re important.
  15.  Listen to your own advice. Typically, when you ask for someone’s opinion, you just want reassurance. In your heart, you already know the answer. Listen.
  16. When you have to make a tough decision, stop and think, “would I feel comfortable if my friends/coworkers/family/pastor found out about this?” or “would I want this to be on the front of a newspaper?”
  17. Even when you get frustrated with each other, tell one another how much you love them. This will make a difference.
  18. Practice patience every day.
  19. Some things are important and worth fighting for. Others are not. Learn to be able to tell the difference.
  20. Keep up with community news. Not the nearest big city, state, or national news – your actual town. It’s always helpful to know what’s going on around you and what’s impacting your community.
  21. Dogs = Angels. Don’t take them for granted.
  22. Open your life to new friends.
  23. People will surprise you and have the ability to change. Give them a chance to try.
  24. (And keeping with tradition, a non serious lesson) Some people don’t understand that you’re trying to be funny. It is perfectly acceptable to finish a joke by saying, “I’M FUNNY.” That may or may not give them a little hint that they were supposed to laugh and that you are indeed funny.

Haven’t been following along for the last two and a half years? Here are some of my random favorite posts (that aren’t linked to in the various tabs on the right):

I wrote an entire post dedicated to acorns. Here’s the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Here’s one talking about the best Pops in the world. Here’s a great Christmas Prep post — pssst — It’s also the post that I share my youtube video dancing to Cee Lo. Here’s a post that pretty much sums up our couple years in the apartment complex. Here’s our New Year’s celebration with the best neighbors turned best friends we could ask for.  Here’s a rhyming post about Christmas.

Tell some things that you’ve learned this year!


6 thoughts on “24 Things I’ve Learned at 24

  1. This is such good advice, like stuff I probably won’t be able to say “I know” until I’m like 47. I was going “amen!!” multiple times as I read this- great list girl.

  2. This is an amazing list Michelle! I can still imagine you doing #24, even though we haven’t seen each other in ages, hahaha. I can’t believe it’s been 2.5 years for you…congrats! I guess that also means that’s how long I’ve been addicted to reading blogs (since I discovered yours first) and how long it took me to start my own:)

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