Revenge of the Friends

Two of our greatest friends, Suzzette and Joe, moved up to New York last August. I’ll tell ya, it was a pretty lonely year without them! Two weeks ago, we hightailed it up to Ithaca for a surprise visit. It was absolutely wonderful to see these two after so long apart! Here are some photos from that fun little trip —



The two lovebirds!


Suzzette has taken up cake decorating as a hobby this past year, and thankfully, we got to benefit from all her hard work. Joe’s birthday had been the previous week, so we got to partake in his chocolate cake with coffee mascarpone filling and buttercream icing. Yeah, that happened.

There might have been some happy tears. (Oh and yeah, he’s a Yankees fan.. in case you couldn’t tell in the above pictures)




Neither of us had been to Ithaca before — it was so fun to drive around the city! We walked through a gorgeous state park and got to see the house Joe grew up in! DSC_0047

Mainly though, we just hung out together. We ate delicious food and drank yummy drinks. We reminisced over our apartment tromping days. It was absolutely perfect. Then… we all did this.



I’ve been meaning to get this post together for a week or so now, but we’ve been busy (you’ll see why soon!) BUT – it actually worked out really well because SURPRISE, Joe and Suzzette decided to drive down to Maryland this weekend! Yep, we didn’t see these two kiddos for A YEAR and now we’ve seen them twice in two weeks!

Although we were hangin’ in a different state, our agenda was much of the same. Lots of good food (recipes to come!), too many drinks, stand-up comedies, fires in the fireplace… and (duh) tons of laughs!


And I guess we had a little photo shoot. Because… that’s just how we do things. Or… that’s just how I do things and everyone else just plays along to keep me happy.





It was nice to have our buddies back! Have you been reconnecting with any old friends lately?

Besides hangin’ with our pals, we’ve been hard at work with a new project. It’s really coming along and I can’t wait to give you a sneak peak! Stay tuned!

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