Updating with Art

Sunday again… How did this weekend go by so, so quickly? I hope you had a fantastic weekend though! Hopefully you’re Monday back at work won’t completely stink. In fact, hopefully it won’t stink at all!

Ever since we finished our bedroom makeover we haven’t started another big project yet. We’re still not 100% sure what we want our next little stint to be, so in the meantime we’ve been making a ton of updates with art!

Since we moved in a year and a half ago (how did that go by so quickly??), our tastes have already changed. We’re realizing that some of our earlier art purchases aren’t fitting in with the style that has somehow emerged in our home. We sold some in the yard sale we had two weeks ago and moved some pieces around the house to other rooms.

Another thing we’re realizing, is that you don’t have to get the first piece that kinda meets the bill. We’ve been holding out until we find “the one” lately and it has made all the difference.

For example, we got new white lamps for our bedroom. However, we first bought some lamps that had big white shades but crystal bases, thinking it would do. We brought them home and realized that while they were better than what we had, we would probably replace them again in a few years. We returned them and waited around for a few weeks until we found exactly what we had in mind.

Here is our original makeover picture with our old lamps…


Now… here are our new chunky, white, geometric new lamps!


Close up…


Such a beaut…

Next up… remember when we did our bathroom remodel? We originally bought three pictures (two purple and one blue). And after months and months of looking at the one random blue picture, we decided to replace them with a couple of matching purple ones…





Thankfully, we found a very similar blue picture (same shape and frame) and was able to repurpose our bathroom outcast into our newly painted bedroom… Here it sits with it’s new bestie now..


Alrighty… moving on to our upstairs living room. Remember the picture that we used to have hanging?


Well.. we found one we that we thought matched our upstairs décor a little better. We grabbed the new picture and moved the existing cityscape-umbrella picture into the basement.

New upstairs picture..


And new home for the cityscape..


Of course, once we hung the cityscape we realized how sterile our basement seemed. Even just this one photo made the space seem 100x more cozy. So for the last few weeks, we’ve had our eye open for some killer pictures to adorn the sides of the TV.

Here is our old empty wall…


And… drum roll.. our new city maps! HOLLA.


What? You want another view of this awesome sauce picture? OKAY!


Sorry for the ridiculously long post of pictures of other pictures. Seems strange.

Couple things to clear up – we gathered these photos and lamps over the last month, so at no point did we drop a ton of money on artwork. We also purchased 100% of these at either HomeGoods or Hobby Lobby. Actually.. I think all of the ones here were from HomeGoods. So again – we didn’t drop a grand or anything on pictures. Each of our pictures ranged in price from $20 – $80, so don’t think we’re made of money. We saved for what we wanted and budgeted accordingly. You too can update your space with some budget friendly photos. Pinky Promise.

AND—if you’re still actually reading this… you know that I like to go to bed SUPER early.. so I GOTTA GO. I’m already late for a really important date.



14 thoughts on “Updating with Art

  1. Holy crap. Please come decorate my house. I LOVE all the changes you made! Where did you get the maps for your basement? I really like the idea of doing framed maps because they’re meaningful but more background / not as busy as photographs of specific things. Seriously come decorate my house k thanx bye.

    • You leave the absolute best comments 🙂 We actually picked up the framed maps at HomeGoods for $24.99 each. I’m sure you could make them yourself, but the cost of the frame and matting — we didn’t think we would really save much money going that route. Plus– I love how rustic these maps were and it was gonna take a ton of hunting to find actual maps like this.

  2. Holy moly! Can I just say how much I L-O-V-E your bedroom? I love how big it is and the centered bed with the big, thick bed frame. Can you decorate my house if I ever get married? 😉

    The maps were such a cute idea. I love it. Your house is really coming together, I can’t wait for more posts 🙂

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