This morning I sat back and thought about my life and suddenly sensed an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and appreciation. With constant projects, long work days and hours of sitting in the car each week, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the unwavering bustle. How often do we get a chance to sit back and reflect on everything we have rather than focusing on all of the wants? It seems as though we are habitually comparing ourselves to others and wishing we had more.

Today instead of focusing on things that I want and things I wish were different, I’m going make a better effort to love what I have and show my gratitude.

I’m thankful…

For a husband who always has me on his mind. He is constantly doing little things without me saying a word just because he knows it will make me happy. More often than not, I don’t show my appreciation nearly enough. His drive and determination inspires me to constantly push myself harder. I’m thankful that out of 7 billion people in the world, we happened to stumble upon one another. I’m perpetually grateful that he’s just as determined as me to constantly work on bettering our relationship and forgiveness.


For friends, both old and new. Many of whom I have reconnected with after a brief hiatus just to quickly pick things back up from where we left off. These new friends have been able to fill a void that has been slowly growing over the years and I have a feeling that these friends will one day be old friends too. There’s just something about good friends, isn’t there?


For family and having such a strong support system. I’m grateful that many of my family members are not just family, they’re dear friends as well.


For a healthy body. Like many people, I put my body through so much and many times feel resentful towards it. But, it allows me to love and to experience life to the fullest. Instead wishing it were different, I’m working towards loving it how it is.


For two pups that provide so much love and entertainment.

For a house that not only provides shelter, but has become a hobby to mold.

For a job that I enjoy and can feel proud of.

For being fortunate enough that I don’t know what real wanting feels like. I’ve never had to go without food, water, shelter, running water, heat and all of the other basic life needs. Imagine out of those other 7 billion people, what percentage of people can’t say the same?

What are you feeling grateful for lately?


One thought on “Gratitude

  1. It’s so refreshing to see a post like this!!! I think we are all a lot luckier than we act, when you sit down and really think about it. Love this ❤

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