Vacation Momento Step by Step

It’s Monday again. How does that keep happening? One minute it’s Friday afternoon and you have nothing but a glorious weekend ahead of you and the next it’s Monday and your back to the grind.

I spent my weekend running around with my head chopped off or at least that’s what it felt like. I had Friday off work (thanks to working nine hour days) so Alex and I ran errands most of the day. We picked up a ton of goodies.. i.e. new silverware, serving bowls, and fall decorations. We also grabbed everything I needed for a bridal shower on Sunday.

That’s when you know you’re getting old people. We were legitimately looking forward to getting new silverware and super excited when we found the perfect set. Really, though? Excitement from silverware. Yep.

Hunter gets excitement from fans. We’re a cool family.

Saturday morning we had a yard sale! It was my very first time hosting a yard sale and am blown away with how it turned out. We got rid of 80% of the stuff we had out (the rest got immediately dropped off at Goodwill) and made close to $500! So not only did we make way more than I was expecting, we now have a ton of room in our garage! 10 points for awesome neighbors.

Sunday I had a bridal shower for my friend, Rachel (who was also my maid of honor) who is getting married in October. I spent the morning getting food ready for the party and obviously spent the afternoon drinking champagne and all that fun stuff. It was a beautiful party and I think Rachel had a great time! Which is all that counts right?!

By the time I got home last night, I felt that A. I hadn’t slept all weekend B. my feet were killing me C. I was grumpy or D. all of the above.

Have you ever felt like getting back to work is actually more relaxing than a crazy weekend?

Moving on  – I got a bunch of comments and questions about some of the summer projects that I showed you guys. Most of the projects were pretty easy and didn’t take much time at all and each one deserves a little how to. Since the man of the house made the corn hole game 98% by himself (hey – I helped paint!), maybe we can even convince him to do a post? Who’s with me??!!

We’ll start with the simplest one today – why not ease into this DIY thing after all?

Okay, so here is how I took a nasty old empty candle jar and turned it into a little vacation memento. THIS COULDN’T GET ANY EASIER FOLKS! And I mean that in the nicest way possible to get you off your computer chair and into your craft pants. What? You don’t have craft pants? Lame.

Step one – boil a pot of water and pour the water into the empty candle jar. This will melt the remaining wax and bring it all to the surface.

Step two – wait for the wax and water to cool completely. Once cooled, take a knife and break the wax into pieces and remove from jar. You may have to remove a little leftover wax with a knife, but it should be almost completely gone.

Step three – remove the label and use Goo Gone, paint thinner, mineral spirits or some other method to remove the leftover sticky stuff. We swear by Goo Gone (super cheap, found at any home improvement or grocery store). And no, GooGone has no idea who we are and is not paying us – we’re just sharing what we like and what works for us!

Step four – load that puppy into the dishwasher to get so fresh and so clean clean.

Step five – arrange all your small vacation souvenirs into your new repurposed jar!

How easy was that?

And to think of all the candle jars I’ve thrown away through my days… I cry. So far I’ve only made one from our latest vacation to Nashville, but I definitely want to go through our things and at least make one for our honeymoon as well. Wouldn’t all your vacations look great lined up next to each other like this?

Alrighty – that’s it for today. Promise me though that you’ll go home and hug your loved ones tonight. Life can be so short. Don’t waste time not loving one another.


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