Adding Shades of Grey to your Bedroom

You definitely thought I was going to talk about the mattress mambo, didn’t you? I know, I know, you clicked on that link thinking you were gonna get some Christian Grey ideas and now you’re disappointed…Sicko! No, but really – my grandma reads my blog.. gotta keep things clean, kiddos! (Hi, Mom!)

What we are going to talk about though is our bedroom makeover! Yay! It’s finally complete!

If you want to catch up on the whole process, see this post for before pictures, our inspiration photo, and the list of colors and see this point for new recessed lighting.

This is what our room looked like before..



Not awful, but not fantastic right? It was definitely livable, but not 100% our style.

Our room is actually the biggest room in our house, measuring at about 800 square feet. The bright yellow made the room seem a little more like a shopping mall and a little less like the place for.. well.. sleeping. In addition, the yellow completely drowned out the crown molding, window trim and baseboards. It was basically like a big giant sea of the sun (think blinding bright light and gaseous flames.. not fun, happy sunshine). Get my point?

Like I mentioned earlier, we upgrading to recessed lighting, which would really help once we darkened the walls. We also needed to re-screw the ceiling drywall since it had sagged a ton since it was originally installed.


We also wanted to add an archway in our little reading nook area to compliment the half-moon window. We got a fantastic deal from a contractor we know and trust in the area, and ended up only paying about $250 for an archway AND to putty and sand our entire ceiling.


Fast forward about a month (sometimes life gets in the way of DIY projects) and we enlisted the help of my brother, Justin to finally finish this room up!

SO – we blocked off two weekends and got our paint on! We completely replaced the baseboards, but were able to just re-paint the window trim and the crown molding. (the previous owners had three small dogs that chewed up the baseboards in various spots. not cool.)

Without further ado… HERE IS OUR PAINTED BEDROOM!




We’re loving the way it came out!! It really feels like a completely different space. The dark wall colors made the ginormous room feel a little more cozy and intimate and less sterile and drafty.

Of course, we still have little things here and there to finish up. We have shelves in this room that are completely empty. We’re officially on the hunt for bright white decorations (we think it will really make the molding pop!). One of our next purchases will be grabbing some new lamps. Bigger. Whiter. Maybe some glass thrown in there. Oh.Yes.

Oh and look! My brand-spankin’-new indoor planter box that I MADE MYSELF (can you tell how proud I am??) made it’s way into the room. I also grabbed some new plants from Home Depot and spray painted the planters to match the room.


What’s next on our list of projects? No idea yet. Booo! Part of us wants to get our front door/entry way updated, but we’re also considering just sticking to more basic projects for the meantime. Tiling the laundry room with a fresh coat of paint is sounding very appealing at the moment…. Hmmm. Decisions!

ANYWHO—Do you love it? Do you hate it? Is the color too dark for your tastes? Are you mad that I didn’t talk about 50 shades?


Have a great weekend!!!


16 thoughts on “Adding Shades of Grey to your Bedroom

  1. #1… totally jealous of your huge gorgeous room. #2… that grey is PERFECT! I think bolder/darker colors look so great in big rooms. We had a huge sunken living room that we did hunter green growing up and it was awesome! Great room makeover!

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  3. It is beautiful!!! That grey really changed everything. It’s amazing what a huge difference paint makes. Did you guys do the recessed lighting yourselves? We are still stuck in a house with popcorn ceilings, and have not really attempted tackling any DIY projects of that nature yet…

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  9. I LOVE the paint color! I’ve been really thinking of painting our master bedroom a similar color but have been too scared! Our furniture is very similar so your post really gives me a great idea of what it will look like!
    I just wanted to double check…is the paint color he wall color matched to Magnetite by Martha Stewart? (I found your blog through HGTV’s website)

    • Thanks, Carrie! Yes, the wall color we matched to Martha’s Magnetite. We used Behr paint and picked an eggshell finish for the walls. Our ceiling was Behr’s Sparrow paint in a flat finish. Thanks again for the kind words 🙂

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