Zucchini Egg Bake Plus a Rant.

I mentioned yesterday that I have about 643 things to catch you up on. We’ll get started with a super quick, extremely delicious recipe. But first.. I have a few things to get off my chest.

  1. Happy Friday. (self explanatory)
  2. Happy Olympic ceremony day. I have been anticipating this day since the last day of the Vancouver games (serious throwback post right there) and I can hardly believe it’s finally here. To say I  am obsessed with love Olympics is really an understatement. The only thing that would make me happier is well… 1. if I was at the Olympics and 2. if I didn’t have to pay for it (and 3. if bacon wasn’t fattening).
  3. I had the absolute WORST experience with health insurance yesterday. I hate to complain about insurance since there are so many people in this country without – with that being said though, it doesn’t make them any less of a hassle to deal with. I had an extremely personal issue this week and had to schedule an impromptu visit. After I left work early and drove an hour to get there, they just thought they should mention that I # 1. need a referral to be seen (why they didn’t tell me this on the phone baffles me), # 2. I need to meet with my primary care doctor first, # 3. my primary care doctor left the practice meaning that, # 4. I need a new doctor and finally, # 5. I couldn’t be seen by that new doctor until I schedule a new patient appointment (which isn’t available for a few weeks). I’m glad my issues weren’t life threatening. UGH.
  4. Thankfully I had a drink and calmed the heck down.
  5. I had a half day at work today. Yippie! So my weekend is already underway! Cue Olympic ceremony music NOW.
  6. Alex has had a ridiculous work schedule this week (literally working from 8 am until 3 am, getting 2 hours of sleep and going back to work). If you haven’t heard from him lately – I promise he isn’t ignoring you. He just hasn’t been home! If he’s ignoring you.. he’s definitely ignoring me!

Okay. I think that’s all…

So.. Zucchini. (did you like that super sweet change of topic. one word to describe it? smooth.)

Anyway. The garden is producing enough produce to feed a family of 20. Seriously if you need some 3 feet long cucumbers (honestly I have no idea what happened to them this year. more on that later), tomatoes, strawberries (weren’t those supposed to be done last month?), squash, zucchini or peppers – come on over. SERIOUSLY. It’s just going bad!

I’ve made (I think?) six new recipes with zucchini lately and amazingly – they’ve all been fantastic! Even the husband, who has had zucchini on his hard limit list (50 shades anyone?) has agreed that they were tasty and maybe he doesn’t hate zucchini after all.

Here’s a perfect way to sneak some veggies into your breakfast.




Adapted from this recipe.

Honestly, this couldn’t get any easier (unless someone else made it for you and all you had to do was shovel it in). Since it doesn’t have a crust, it really doesn’t slice like a quiche would, just scope it on each plate. (This would be a delicious quiche filling though!)

Bonus points: It’s even better heated up the second day.

If you have a husband like me that “doesn’t like certain veggies” – just don’t tell them what’s in it! I promise you, they’ll never know!

Happy cooking! And more importantly – Happy Olympics!!

ps. if your pets were in the olympics, what sport would they compete it?

bailey? high jump. forsure.


hunter? long distance swimming. nodoubt.


or sandbox running.



6 thoughts on “Zucchini Egg Bake Plus a Rant.

  1. Thanks for the recipe! I read it & decided to make it tonight since I had the incredients (not all necessary fresh, ie. basil, parsley). I also put chopped jalapeno pepper in mine since my man (and me) like spicy dishes!

  2. I’m the picky one in my family- I LOVE zucchini but am picky about how it’s eaten! I am weird about egg stuff like this- quiches, etc- unless they are in tiny little appetizer versions with a good crust on them. So B would have to trick ME into eating this, LOL! Oh and I bet some hot sauce would ROCK the zucchini egg bake- I LOVE hot sauce on anything zucchini, such a good flavor combo!

    PS the pups are adorable! My pugs are gold medal-ing in “long distance sleeping” haha.

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