Happy Weekend Indeed

Happy Friday kiddos! Have I mentioned that you look beautiful today? No? WELP, you do!

Guess who graduated from AIRBORNE school today??

This guy!!

(that’s him flying, by the way) as if that wasn’t obvious!

Yep. That’s right. My brave little toaster husband has been down in Georgia jumping out of planes for the last three weeks. Today he finished up, got a shiney silver pair of wings and is on his way home! Yippie!

Check out this classic video of Airborne training circa 1833.

Oh, you can just imagine how nervous I’ve been waiting for my evening phone call letting me know he’s still alive and fully intact. I’m a GINORMOUS bit of a worry-wart, so the fact that he’s on his way home is music to my heart ears.

Things on our agenda this weekend:

  1. My grandmother’s birthday party. (Val are you bringing the sliz cups??) *yes, that is important and deserves bold print.
  2. Getting the doggies groomed! Yay! It’s been an embarrassingly long time since they’re last apt.
  3. A doggie play day with our favorite 6 bajillion goldens
  4. Lots of hugs and kisses. (Yep. Deal with it)
  5. And this…

Apparently my husband has a date with Jack Daniels. Gentleman Jack to be exact.

The grocery shopping is done. The lawn is mowed. The weeds are whacked. The sheets are clean. The car (just one 🙂 ) is washed. The rugs are vacuumed. Ahhh… feels good. Yet, there’s more to do. There’s always more to do, isn’t there?? Hopefully we won’t spend our weekend salving away and really enjoy it!

What are your weekend plans? Any homecomings in your future? Birthday parties to attend to?

And now, for your viewing pleasure… some of my favorites around the interweb:

So. The moral of the story? Obviously, I’m really into making furniture/accessories with wood right now. Maybe I should become a carpenter? A woodsmith (is that a real thing)? I know… a lumberjack! Hmm.. I’ll keep my day job for the meantime.

Any trends that you’ve been oogling over later? Outdoor projects? Paint colors? New hardwood floors? Gardens? FOOD?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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