Are you there Blog? It’s me, Michelle.

Okay, who’s left? 6 of you? I can definitely count on my mom… and Alex. So, that’s two FORSURE. Maybe a couple family friends? 🙂 Well for those of you who decide to stick out my random blog breaks, (first off) THANK YOU and (secondly) how was your Fourth of July? Did you see a spectacular fireworks show? Did you go on vacation? Hopefully, you at least had the day off work and got to relax!

I spent 5 days at my family’s house in West Virginia with my mom, brothers and a few family friends. Although our Fourth was spent without a dazzling fireworks show (as we had last year), we made up for it with great company, lots of food (duh), cold drinks and a boat load of fun.

One morning, we traveled over to a local river where we kayaked (me) and canoed (everyone else) down a 6.5 mile stretch. I absolutely loved it! It’s been so hot lately that we were afraid we wouldn’t enjoy it. But.. the water was so refreshing that you didn’t even notice it was 100 degrees out.

We zumba-ed in the morning and danced through the kitchen at night. We took the doggies swimming and (disgustingly) had to pull off dozens and dozens of ticks per pup. We did projects around the house and even got to squeeze in a couple of movies.

It was a perfect mid-summer mini vacation that could have only been better if Alex (the husband – if you’re new around here) was there with us.

Speaking of Alex – he’s been out of town for about three weeks now. Thankfully, he’ll be home soon though! Yay! It’s funny that while we share a life together, our lives are so very different. I go to work every day and while I think I have an interesting job that I’m beyond thankful for, I still go to work and sit at a desk each day. However, when Alex goes to work sometimes he doesn’t have much to do, but other times he’s all over the globe and busy as a bee. All a part of being in the military, I guess.

I try not to get jealous of other couples who get to come home at the end of the day to their spouse year round. It’s even harder not to feel that way when we have to be separated for birthdays, new jobs, traumatic incidents, Thanksgivings and all of the other holidays. But what does getting jealous do? Nadda. So, I try to skip over those emotions as quickly as possible.

One thing I’ve been feeling a lot of lately is PRIDE. How could I not? Yes, I get up early every day (YES – 5:15 is early), but I certainly don’t get up at 3 something early. That’s a-whole-nother kind of early, people. And while I try to exercise every day, I certainly don’t do it at the butt crack of dawn, in the million degree heat, in a uniform. I also do not put myself in any kind of immediate danger every day. The most falling that I do is if I lose my balance when I’m trying to put my pants on. (Don’t act like that doesn’t happen to you!)

See what I mean though? We share a life together. We get up together (when he’s home) and feel each other’s ups and downs. We even like the same foods and drink the same drinks. We share things that people probably shouldn’t share (Not our toothbrush though!) With all of the things that we share with one another that are the same, it’s miraculous the amount of things that are SO different. And I couldn’t be more proud of him! (Are you blushing yet, Alex?) He does things on a daily basis that if someone asked me to do – I would quite literally laugh in their face.

One of those deep belly laughs, too. No shame.

Okay… Let’s get to some pictures now! These were all edited using Instagram (you can follow me at crazypupblog). I’ve been taking mainly phone pictures lately so, you know, I can send them to the mister right away. Okay – on to it!

(And yes, these are mainly puppy pictures. We’ve been doing so many home improvement posts lately that the boys have been completely left out!)


6 thoughts on “Are you there Blog? It’s me, Michelle.

  1. I hear ya about missing events when not together… my husband and I basically have opposite schedules. When I wake up, he still has a few hours of sleep (about 3 or 4.) When I go to sleep at night, usually he’s not home yet. I used to travel more for work and while it sucked, I did get to talk to him, now being a chef he can’t even answer the phone 😦 I’m so lucky with the time we do get to spend together, but like you said, it’s hard not to get jealous. Although your husband being in the military is a step above… not many can do what he does!!!! We just miss our men when they’re not home!

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