Hashtag Fail

Every now and then I’ll try my little best to be a good wife. Sometimes the mister gets tired of seeing pictures of cookies, flowers and other random crapola on the ol’ blog. He routinely asks to see pictures of, you know, the girl he married. BUT I don’t want to be super lame and take a bunch of pictures of me looking like this…


Because… well, that’s just boring for everyone. This blog is mainly an outlet for me, and honestly, I’d rather not see 600 pictures of myself every week.

But, like I mentioned, every now and then I’ll give it my all and try to be a good wife.

The funny thing about trying is there tends to be lots and lots of room for error. Not every photo shoot works out. Actually – most of them don’t. And only, oh I don’t know, 5% of pictures that I take, pack up all their belongings and call this little doggie blog their new home. (Wait a minute… pictures don’t have belongings..)

While one ruined picture can be annoying, 5 or 10 or 12 of them can actually get humorous.

Let’s take this photo shoot for example..


Take one: Deer in the headlights. While it’s not altogether terrible, I thought FORSURE (one word, yes, in shouty caps) I could do better. Hunter looks like he might cry at any moment, Bailey is no where to be seen and I’m 100% too excited for the scene.


Take two: I don’t even own dogs. They might as well be blankets. My eyes aren’t open and I get the feeling that I should have stuck to just taking one photo. Do I stop here? NO. I’ve committed to this. I’m going to get a good picture, gosh darnit.


Take three: OKAY OKAY. I look decent and Bailey looks like a knock out. Perfect? NAY. Just move your head a tad bit to the left and you’ll see a Hunter eye that’ll give you nightmares. Seriously, stare at him for too long and he’ll see deep into your soul. I WILL GET A GOOD PICTURE.


Take four: REALLY?


Take five: I can only muster up the strength for five. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Just keepin’ it real here folks.


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