Friends and Family


Recently we’ve been able to take a break from all of our various house projects to spend some time with people who really matter.

Over the last month, we’ve gone to graduation parties, birthday parties, house warming parties and engagement parties! That’s a lot of parties with lots of different folks! I can 100% guarantee that I drank more than I should have over the last month.

Here are some photos over our some of escapades.


Above: Some of my cousins (Val, me, Mindy, Shannon and Jade) at Val, Shannon and Sammy’s graduation party.


Above: couples picture. Plus two randoms Smile

Alex and I had an awesome time at the grad party. It’s so nice now that we’re all older. We drink, we eat, we laugh, we take obligatory photos. We play corn hole. Family parties are rockin’ these days. We leave the parties already looking forward to the next one.

Next up–

Our friends, DJ and Tara, recently moved right down the road from us. Honestly, we couldn’t be any happier to have buddies close by. We’ve completely broke out of our “do-you-wanna-do-the-same-thing-tonight-that-we-do-every-Friday-night-kinda-dealio.” (Wow, that was a massive amount of dashes.) Now, we’re switchin’ things up!

We have Sunday night dinner dates. We randomly get a drink in the middle of the week if we’re having one of those kinds of days. Since our friends, Joe and Suzzette, moved up to NY (sad face) last August, we hadn’t really found new couple-y friends. It’s nice to have some girl time (and subsequent dude time) while we’re still all hangin’ out together. Do you know what I mean?





We sing Benny and The Jets while dancing like fools on the couch. We have doggie play dates.



Last weekend we also made our way down to DC early in the morning. We participated in the Purple Stride 5k to benefit Pancreatic Cancer research in memory of my dad. It was a perfectly gorgeous day. I couldn’t think of a better day to honor my dad and all those who have suffered (and currently suffer from) pancreatic cancer.


My brother, Justin, and I —


We really have had an incredible month. It was one of those months that we just really got along. We didn’t needlessly bicker or pick at each other. Our days were so full. So full of love. Full of friends and family. Full of laughter.

Ahh… good friends and family make me feel so fortunate and blessed. I hope you’ve been just as lucky!

Goodnight kiddos!


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