Planting in a Whiskey Barrel

I know, I know. We haven’t chatted in awhile. We’ve been up to so much lately. Our days have been so full of family, friends, parties and (you know us) house projects. By the time we crash on the couch at the end of the night, I’m asleep and snoring on Alex’s chest in 0-minus-no-seconds.


Oh and I have this small reading obsession right now. I always say that I’m not going to jump on the book bandwagon just because everyone is talking about it. Not surprisingly though, I always end up reading them. I don’t know what it is, I guess I just get the urge to see what all the hype is about.

So, yes, I am reading the adult version of Twilight. And yes, I read the first one in 48 hours. NOBIGDEAL. And yes, I immediately bought the second one. And yes, I’d like to be reading it right now. And yes, Fifty Shades of Grey has a lot of nudie scenes in it. But, we’re all adults here, right? No? Well.. don’t read them then.

Anywho, tonight I’ll give you a glimpse in one of our many, many projects that we’ve been working on. If you remember, we stopped at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery while we were on vacation. Well — we made the 10 hour trip home with a backseat full of empty whiskey barrels.

One of the goodies we brought home was a barrel cut in half.


We had big plans for this unsuspecting lil’ guy. First, I sanded it down —


And got my stain out – here’s what I used.


And got to work!


One coat..


Two coats…


I even stained the bottom for extra protection. The stain works as such a great sealer too! And since this bad boy is outside, it needs a little extra oomph.


In went our plastic liner…


And it was ready for PLANTS!

We went from this….




Can you tell that I’m excited??

We also picked up some deliciously beautiful planters at HomeGoods. We bought four and each was only between $12-$17. THAT’S A STEAL.



We love how our backyard is turning out.. It’s becoming the perfect hang out spot!!


ps. look how big Jake is getting



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