Nashville Vacation Part 1

Hi there! Sorry it’s been a bit since I check in last, Alex and I were busy with a much needed vacation! We had a fantastic time and absolutely loved the state of Tennessee. I have way too much to share for one little post, so check in later this week for more!


We left Friday morning and decided to stay the night in Knoxville as our reservations in Nashville didn’t start until Saturday. One thing we really enjoy with any vacation is stopping along the way in cool little towns.

Cue: The Natural Bridge in Virginia.


If you’re ever driving down 81 in Virginia towards Tennessee – I definitely recommend stopping! We walked about 3 miles in total and had the most gorgeous view!


Look at how big this mamba jamba is. Pretty freakin’ ginormous.


Check this out – we got to see the end of a wedding!


Even though we didn’t buy anything, we enjoyed playing around in the gift shop. You know, because we’re mature seven year olds adults.



We also snapped some cool shots in the butterfly garden —


After we tromped around at the Natural Bridge, we were back on the road! We got to Knoxville pretty late, but had plenty of time to grab some dinner and sweet, sweet libations. 

On Saturday morning (which was also Alex’s birthday!) we were on our way to the town square, where we witnessed an accident! It was absolutely nuts. Alex being the sweet, responsible man that he is rushed to help the people involved. I being the crazy person that I am, snapped more photos than the paparazzi.



Once we made sure everyone was okay after the police/EMTs were there, we enjoyed walking around the town square.


There was a huge farmers market and absolutely gorgeous weather. It was a wonderful day!

Next up – Nashville!


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