Light it up, Baby!

We have lots goin’ on over here! First —


Our little pony puppy turned one yesterday! It’s hard to believe that he’s so grown up already! Where did all the time go??

We also celebrated Alex’s birthday over the weekend. Even though his birthday isn’t until this coming Saturday, we had a blast celebrating until all hours of the night with friends. We both woke up Sunday morning proclaiming – “Man, we’re too old for this!”

Remember how we painted our bedroom hallway a couple of weeks ago? Well, our obvious next step is our master bedroom. We still have a ton of projects to complete before we even get to the paint stage, but we have certainly made some progress!

Just to check in.. here’s our inspiration picture. (Sans Disco ball!)


SO! Our first task was to install new recessed lighting in the entire room.


We (and by we – I mean Alex and his Dad) cut twelve holes after numerous hours in the attic, measuring, re-measuring and well… re-measuring some more.DSC_0285

The men even cut holes for two small lights in our reading area (aka the chair Hunter lays on all day).


Additionally, they re-screwed the drywall on the ceiling to correct the sagging that’s occurred over the last 15 or so years.


The next few pictures were taken using the exact same camera settings. I also took the photos around 6 pm, so there is still plenty of natural light coming into the room. The only edit to these pictures was to add fancy pants font. Check out the difference.





Another bonus is that the new lights are on a dimmer switch – this way we don’t always have to have them at full blast. Bonus.

We’re slowly making progress on our bedroom and you know that we’ll share it all with you here. I’m an oversharer like that!

What’s left on the bedroom to-do list? I’M SO HAPPY YOU ASKED!

  • Install new ceiling fan
  • Install new recessed lights
  • Re-screw ceiling drywall
  • Fix existing electrical problems
  • Spackle and sand the ceiling and any wall imperfections
  • Add archway
  • Pull off baseboards. Paint and install new ones.
  • Repaint crown molding and fix original mess ups.
  • PAINT!
  • Install (already purchased) door hardware.
  • Nail down a decorating theme.

Yay for lists!

Have you updated any lighting recently? Celebrating any birthdays??

See ya later kiddos!




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