Basement Check-Up

Howdy! Our garden is booming with strawberries! Last night we got our very first ripe berry of the season! You better believe that I piddled a bit out of excitement. No, I didn’t. But, I could have!

Our strawberries are already three times as big as they were last year! Yippie! Tonight I plucked off two more ripe ones and MAN! are they so much sweeter than the strawberries you buy at the store. Garden 2012 success numero uno.


Hold on to your chairs. Here’s one heck of a subject change.

Last year after we moved into the house, one of the first projects we tackled was getting the heinous Crest green paint off the walls.



We also had to get new carpet due to the permeating doggie pee smell graciously left behind from the previous owners. Additionally, the window treatments in this house were outta control. New blinds were a must!

After the painting spree was over, we unveiled the fresh coat, new carpet and blinds here



But… we haven’t shown you any updates since then! While we haven’t done a ton to update this space since the big overhaul, the small changes are definitely notable.

First, we got rid of that hideous brass fireplace that you can see on the right of the above picture.


We also go rid of our entertainment center that Alex picked up for free years ago. We knew that it was a temporary placeholder until we found exactly what we wanted. Since we inherited it, we didn’t waste any money on something we knew we would only keep for a short period. Here’s the space with the new center.


Here’s a close-up.


It’s still relatively free of decorations and one day we’ll hide those cables. But for now, it’s definitely a step up.

As I mentioned in my last post, we purchased a new desk this winter. Our old desk had been Alex’s desk growing up and although it has followed him around the country, it was pretty beat up. It also took up a large amount of room due to its rounded nature. You can also see in that the desk was really too long for this location. It covered the edge of our French doors, making it impossible to use one side.



As for the opposite side of the basement.. we added Alex’s pool table.


Collected some new additions to the bar..


One of our favorite places is actually behind the bar.


We try to have all of our friends and family sign behind the bar while they’re over. It’s been a ton of fun to see what everyone has to say! (You can also see the beer cooler that came with the house. Pretty cool, huh?)

Another thing we added was an ice chest that my dad bought years before I was born at an auction. It definitely needs a new lamp (we’re thinking a tiffany style lamp) and some neat decorations, but it’s nice to have a piece of my dad in our basement!


So, there ya have it. Some small changes that might not make a huge difference, but definitely add to the overall feel of our basement.

Future plans include:

  • hang some pictures/art
  • install some track lighting on the TV side of the basement
  • wrap the white beams with a wood veneer
  • install our reclaimed wood mantel
  • DIY and install a new bar countertop
  • finish adding antique-ish decorations

Wow. That list is pretty intimidating. We’re not in any hurry though! As we save up enough money, we’ll tackle one small project after the next. Just like the rest of our house, our basement is definitely a work in progress!

See ya later!



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