Spray it Goodly

Any Brian Regan fans out there? I read good… goodly. Check it out.

Hello, by the way! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there! I hope you had a fantastic day with family and friends and, most importantly, found a chance to relax! We spent our day, well… with our mothers – duh!

Our day started off with a wonderful brunch with the in-laws right on the Chesapeake. We’ve been there three years in a row (however, the other years were for Easter) and since we missed our yearly Easter date, it was great to make our way out there again.

We finished up our day at a party at my grandma’s bay house. Alex manned the grill, while we all enjoyed beautiful weather, cold drinks, delicious food and laughs. It was a great day! Now we’re hanging on the couch with the dogs utterly exhausted.

We’ve tackled a ton of projects over the last four days. Here’s a beauty for tonight —

Over the winter we bought a new desk on Craigslist. We picked up an executive style desk, two filing cabinets, and a new leather office chair for $250 – a steal! What was even more exciting was that we sold our old desk for $200, so we were only out 50 doll hairs (or dollars – whatever).

The only thing that bummed us out about the desk was the hardware that it was sportin’. It was nasty, dated brass. While I know a ton of people still have brass fixtures in their house, it’s just not our style.


What was even more annoying was that the hardware was a really awkward size so that we couldn’t replace it without spending an additional couple hundred dollars. No, thank you.

So, in true Young House Love style, we decided to spray paint the hardware with Oil Rubbed Bronze.

First – off with the old junk.



Next – I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol to get all the grime off. Then it was time to set up!DSC_0294



After the handles dried I flipped them around and sprayed the opposite side.

Once they were no longer tacky to touch, they were ready to reinstall!



Before handles…


After desk…


Yay! This project took no more than two hours to complete. It was an extremely easy way to update an eye sore (to us).

And while I was a-sprayin’ – you know that I needed to spray paint something random. I decided to spray the inside of an unsuspecting mason jar. (Probably because we have a boat load of them, that we’ve somehow acquired over the years. And by somehow – I mean I may have snagged them for free).


I wrapped the outside with some plastic and painter’s tape – and spray, spray, sprayed!



It’s kind of silly and may not stick around forever. But hey, I had a good time sprayin’ it up and that’s all that counts. It doesn’t have a permanent home yet, but for now it rests on our bookcase with some other small antique bottles.


And for our nightly doggie pictures —


One wanted to be inside, one wanted to be outside but they still wanted to be right next to each other…



Goodnight from the mutts!

Have you done any projects lately that were easier than you expected? Anything that you’ve been putting off doing since winter like us?


8 thoughts on “Spray it Goodly

    • Thanks! They really are the best of friends! I love watching the two of them together, I can only imagine how fulfilling that feeling will be when we’re watching two siblings love on each other! One of these days!

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