Mulchin’ Mania

Hi kiddos! Tonight we’re going to look at some more before and after photos with our front year, but first – thank you for all the kind anniversary wishes! We had a spectacular weekend and a very special anniversary. Over dinner we talked about all the highs and lows of the year, things we were surprised by and where we hope to be next year!


Our wedding cake actually turned out fantastically! It looked pretty dang good and, believe it or not, tasted just as good as it did the day we got married!



Wonderful anniversary, wonderful year, wonderful husband. What could be better?

Over the weekend we also puppy sat this little fellow —


Little Jakey is getting so big! At his latest vet appointment he was already 25 pounds – holy cow!

We also did some yard work while the weather was nice. Mulching was next on our to do list. Most of our mulch from last year has washed away throughout various rain storms. We also decided to utilize the weed blocker mesh that we’ve been using over our last few projects. See here and here.

Three of our trees got blocked and weeded. While I was laying down the blocker, Alex was mowing and weeding the yard. We were getting’ it done! Anywho – I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves – check ‘em out!

Tree one —




Tree two —




Tree three —




Don’t you think it looks WAY better?

You know that we do a little more than DIY projects around this house. Here’s some more shots from the weekend —




We had a chance to check out the super moon!



What’s new with you!??




7 thoughts on “Mulchin’ Mania

  1. You have such a pretty yard.. and YES that mulch makes it even prettier. Very polished looking. Yard work is my favorite! Congrats on one year. Our first year was a blur… I wished blogging had been around then to revisit and share. FUN!
    P.S. Your dogs are absolutely beautiful. They look so healthy and happy! Cute pictures.

    • What a sweet comment! Mulching does make a huge difference. Our boys are definitely happy pups, but it’s certainly nice to hear someone else think so too! Thanks for making me smile!

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