Good Eats

How come you always buy new ingredients and some how end up making the same five or ten recipes over and over again?

I think everyone gets into a little recipe rut now and then.

Lately, we’ve been trying our darnedest to step out of our culinary comfort zone. Here are a few recipes we’ve tried out (and loved). Now one thing I want to get straight, while I like to tweak recipe’s to our family’s liking, I’m certainly no recipe inventor.

I’m still going to link these on my recipe page just to make it easier to find in the future. But… I definitely don’t have a food blog and I didn’t come up with these myself. SO – click on each for the original recipe. Got it?

Shrimp Risotto (one major change we made – we cut out the butter completely. Olive oil worked perfectly!)


Egg Salad (not the completely runny, mayo-ey kind that belongs on Wonder Bread)


Black Bean Quinoa (we ran out of frozen corn so I left it out completely. So, so good.)


Blueberry Oatmeal Bake (reheats perfectly. This has been awesome to bring to work every morning this week!)


So, there you have it. Good Eats. Get on that.

Other random things to talk about:

Check out how long Bailey’s nose is.


That boy’s got a sniffer on him. He still hasn’t gotten rid of his yearly snow nose. Not sure what snow nose is? Yeah, we didn’t either. Check out this post.

The husband came home from his work trip and apparently caught a cold (or even the flu) on his way home. One good thing about his sickness? He’s been getting a lot of babying lately. Medicine brought to him in bed, Powerade (hey, a boy needs his electrolytes), lots of tea.. all the good stuff. Hopefully, he’ll be feeling better soon (without me catching this monster first!).


On a happier note – we’re planning a vacation to…



Have you been there? Did ya love it? Tell us everything!! What do we NEED to see? Anything we should stay away from? Tell. Tell!!

Never been to Nashville? That’s okay. What are you going to do on your next vacation?


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