Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a fence ‘round it.

How was your weekend? Are you like me and shocked that it’s over already? At least we’ve got another Monday under our belts!

Alex is back in town from a work trip – Yay! No more boring and lonely evenings for this girl. High five.


He got in Saturday evening, just in time for us to grab a late bite to eat and head to bed. After he caught up on such much, much needed sleep and had breakfast in bed (wife of the year award, right here) we hopped outside yesterday for some yard work.

Sunday’s agenda included replacing our old garden fence with a nice white vinyl picket fence.

Need to catch up? Check out here and here for when we built the garden. And check here for when we prepped it for the season.

So, last year when we built the garden we knew we needed something to keep the dogs and critters (bunnies, deer, etc.) out of it. We weren’t entirely sure what we wanted the end product to look like, so we just made a quick, inexpensive fence for the meantime.

We ended up with some wooden stakes with coated wire around them (not exactly “chicken wire” but not mesh either). The fence certainly did it’s job but it had numerous pitfalls.

  1. It wasn’t pretty to look at.
  2. There was no gate which was fine to get into the garden, but when you were juggling peppers and cucumbers trying to get out it became a little tricky to step over.
  3. The grass.


Even when you would weed whack around the edges, the grass would weasel itself up through the mesh making it very tedious to get completely clean. It was constantly messy and it had to go!

First, we pulled out the old fence and cleaned up the edges.


We dug new post holes and inserted the pressure treated 4×4 posts.



We attached the posts to the garden beds with L brackets for a little extra support.


Did a looooot of leveling and filled the holes with dirt.


Next we slipped the vinyl covering over each of the six posts, measured, and cut the fence pieces to length.

Section One.


Section Two.


Section Three.


Section Four.


As always, these two mutts kept us entertained…


After all four sides were up, we built a gate!


And badda bing badda boom we have a finished product.


Doesn’t it seem like we finished this is no time at all? Yeah, it took us all day. Isn’t the internet great? You want a vinyl fence.. BOOM.. you got a vinyl fence! JUST LIKE THAT!






Fancy, huh?

That’s all for tonight! Have a good one!


Editted to add:

Psssst! Wanna see more garden posts? Check out these for more information: this one, this one, this one, and this one too!


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