Doggie Play Date

A few weeks ago, when little Jake was still a brand new addition to my mom’s home, we all brought him (and the rest of the pups) up to a friend’s house.

Margaret works with my mom, but I find it hard to just call her my mom’s colleague or even just my mom’s friend. She’s opened her home up to us so many times and we always have such a wonderful time there.


Margaret has about 20 acres of land full of streams and trails. Low and behold, her and her boyfriend, Stan, also have two beautiful golden retrievers. Whenever we bring the pups up there, they’re practically in heaven! The run and run and swim and run and (may even) eat their own hamburgers.

This particular weekend we had seven, I repeat, SEVEN golden retrievers up at Margaret’s home.

I’m going to stop chatting away now and just show you some of the fun the pups had!













It was such a wonderful weekend. Not only did the dogs have a fantastic time, all of their owners did as well. Hopefully, when everyone is back in town we’ll make it back to Margaret’s for another puppy play date!

This particular weekend was way more beautiful than the past weekend…


Today was cold, rainy and lonely. Womp womp.

At least I had these two mutts to keep me company!


Have a great week!


9 thoughts on “Doggie Play Date

  1. It’s obvious you ALL had a great time. Margaret is my cousin so I know how at home or better than at home she can make you feel. I’m glad you all had suc a good time!

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