Adventures in Fencing

As we’ve previously proven, our Bailey dog has some serious jumping skills.

He jumps up on the back of our truck.

And he even jumps over our head.

This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but lately when we go to let the dogs inside from playing around in the backyard, Bailey is no where to be seen.

We yell and yell and immediately start to panic, frantically thinking that someone came into our yard and snatched our dog. Hey, it happens.

When we finally find him, he’s patiently waiting at the front door to be let in.


Yep. This dog has learned to jump over the fence in our backyard. It’s true.

After a handful of times, I decided to attempt to get this feat on video.

Check this out. He jumps up like it ain’t no thang. No running start or anything.

And yes, I do giggle like a four year old. So what?

Anyway, we live right on the corner of a neighborhood with lots of walkers, runners, and playing kids. While Bailey obviously isn’t jumping the fence to run away (or he wouldn’t be waiting for us at the door), it would be too easy for him to run across the street and (God forbid) get hit by a car.

We made the very easy decision (for us) to get an electric fence installed.


We have lots of fun little flaggies all over our yard now! Additionally, we get to train the dogs two to three times a day to help them learn the boundaries of their new fence.

And (bonus) we get to pretend like we’re speed skating in the front yard. Nothin’ better than that, folks. Nothin’.


That’s pretty good form right there.


To save to money we purchased our electric fence package online and called a local installer to come lay the wire for us. Instead of paying $1,200 – $1,500 for a fence from the local installer, we paid about $500 for the package and the separate installation combined. All in all, I think we did well.



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