Phone Photo Dump

A week (or two) ago I promised to show you some of the pictures on my phone. Unfortunately, I was having a little battle with the security settings on my computer in order to actually post the photos. Thankfully — I figured it out this morning and I’m all ready to dump. Err. That sounds weird. But funny?

Anywho, all of these pictures were editted using the free Instagram iPhone app. Recently a boatload of people downloaded this app and it’s been really fun to see all my friends and families pictures. Hop on the wagon if you haven’t already! It’s the app that I use most often, and certainly — on a daily basis.

To look at all my Instagram pictures, follow me at CrazyPupBlog. Easy Peesy. Lemon Squeezey.

Before we get started — I wanted to let you know that I updated the House Projects, Meet Michelle, and Wedding pages with some new(er) pictures. Not too much has changed, but if you haven’t checked them out recently — definitely stop by!

Okay — picture time.

The silliest face I ever did see.

Don’t judge my “it’s 10 pm and I should be in bed” appearance. Please. And Thank you.

This picture is not a joke. We found a real life hoarder house a few weeks ago! It was unbelievable and just looking at their yard made me feel anxious. Sadly, we know the people who live right. next. door. Can you imagine??

This little Bailey dog has some serious hops! We’ll discuss later how he’s realized that he can actually jump over the fence in our backyard. Awesome.


This is the absolute best coffee I’ve heard had! We found it at HomeGoods for only $4.99. I definitely suggest picking some up next time your in heaven HomeGoods.

Here was our Hunter Bud when he first came home from surgery. Such a sad little pup!

Well — there you have it! The silly puppies in the flesh.. err.. computer screen?

Is it really Thursday already? The weeks have been FLYING over the last couple of months! It’s really the middle of April too? Where does all the time go?

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