Happy Hallways

Hi there! How’s your week going so far??

Our small bedroom hallway project has turned out to be a little more than we bargained for. Doesn’t it seem like most projects end up that way? In this house, they definitely do! While other projects have been kind of a pain in the butt to work on, this little guy has been strangely enjoyable. Most likely because we haven’t been spending all our free time working on the hallway.

Let’s get to it!! Here’s a before shot after we cleared out the room.


This was our table after it was cleared off from the bathroom project.


We started off the project spackling, cleaning, and then taping the walls. Next, we painted the ceiling grey. While the paint was still wet, it seemed to have a purple-undertone. You should have heard Alex! – “Uh… we definitely have a purple ceiling. I’m not so sure how I feel about that.”


Next – we pulled off all the baseboards, doors and any trim that needed to be replaced. Once those were down, we started painting the walls!


We cut and painted all the new trim and baseboards and then nailed them back in place. (Check out these jammies!)


Now, here’s where stuff gets tricky. We have crown molding throughout our house (a ton of which needs to be replaced) but for some reason – there wasn’t any in this hallway. Neither of us had any experience with cutting or hanging crown molding, so needless to say – it was a big learning experience.

Mr. Husband figured it out though! First, we nailed in a 1×2 backer board to give the molding a little something extra to grab on to.


Then we nailed, the very carefully cut, molding right into the backer board.


We filled in the nail holes, touched up the paint, and caulked the molding into place.

(I hope you realize that when I say we… I mostly mean Alex. I think that’s pretty obvious. Although, I must say – I helped A TON through this whole project. Go Me.)

We re-hung the doors with their fancy new hardware and hinges! FINALLY we replaced the electrical outlets and put the room back together.

Did you forget what it looked like beforehand? I sure did after all this chatter.









You can see into our fancy new bathroom here…


And here you can see into our bedroom…


Hot Damn! What do you think??


Wall color – Magnetite by Martha Stewart (however we matched the color and used Behr paint) in an eggshell finish Ceiling color – Sparrow by Behr in a flat finish Trim color – Customized in a semi-gloss finished. We brought a piece of our blinds and had the experts at Home Depot match it.

Next up on our list— our bedroom!

Remember, here is our inspiration…


And here are some before shots…





See all the drywall that we had to have replaced from the bathroom fiasco? Down. Right. Disaster. We’ve got a ton to do, but we’re looking forward to getting started!!

Homeowner?? What projects are you working on right now? Still renting? What are some of your future home fantasies?

Editted to Add:

Pssst! Wanna see how our bedroom turned out? Check out these posts for more details: recessed lighting, the final paint job, and some new art details + new, fun chunky lamps.


16 thoughts on “Happy Hallways

  1. OH my goodness….I love this SO much! It looks so sophisticated! Right now, we are in between projects. We just finished the yards pretty much, and now we are waiting for a lull to start work on the bathroom mirror in our master bath! We will be doing something similar to what you did! 🙂

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      • I think I fixed it on my name above. It’s themurrayedlife.blogspot.com. It at first had me being at wordpress, and clearly I haven’t done much on there (except apparently wrote a bio for myself way back when?!). You guys have done SO much to the house in one a half years! I’m seriously impressed by the amount of actual DIY hard work you’ve put in.

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  6. The grey in your room looks very nice! We did the same in our room, and it really opened up. I was always scared that type of color would do the opposite. I did it anyways :).

    I love the hallway by the way.

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