This weekend we:

  • Went on a fun date on Friday night
  • Had a cuddle session with the pups post date


  • Cut our grass for the first time this year
  • Spackled, sanded, and taped our bedroom hallway


  • Painted the ceiling grey


  • Painted the walls! (pictures to come once it’s a little further along Smile)
  • Painted the doors and cut the new trim and baseboard pieces

We also welcomed a new puppy into the family! My mom brought home a new puppy – meet Jake!DSC_0422


He loves his Momma already!

Hunter and Bailey went nuts when they got to meet their new cousin.DSC_0382






That’s four generations of goldens in one room kids. That’s a lot of hair love.


How cute is this little guy?

The family still has one puppy available. If Alex and I lived on a ranch, we wouldn’t mind having three doggies. Unfortunately – two is enough for us! If you’re in the Maryland/tri-state area and are interested in a golden puppy, let me know!


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