Bathroom Reveal + Before & Afters

Two months ago Alex and I found severe water damage stemming from our master shower. Unfortunately the damage was all encompassing and couldn’t simply be patched up. The only positive part of the experience was that our bathroom was already hideous and we were looking forward to ripping it down.

Here are a couple before photos:




Check out the disaster that ensued!





Before we get to the after pictures — If you missed all of the bathroom posts along the way, you can check them out here:

Although we spent a great deal more than we originally intended, we now have a wonderful bathroom! We also saved a ton of money by doing the entire thing ourselves. The only hired help we had was to have the glass shower enclosure installed and to have our drywall puttied and sanded.

OKAY!! Let’s get to the bathroom reveal, shall we??






We finally found some pictures that we both really liked, which we picked up at Home Goods! They’re awesome color silhouettes of flowers… check them out up close —


It’s been a ridiculously long two months, but we’re so excited to see how the bathroom came out! We’re taking a brief hiatus from another giant home remodeling project, but our wheels are already spinning!

What do you think???


19 thoughts on “Bathroom Reveal + Before & Afters

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  3. Wow, what a big difference! our bathroom remodel took longer than 2 months! (shame!) lol.
    Thanks so much for linking up. Please grab a button or link back, and make sure to keep checking our FB page for updates on weekly winners. 🙂

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