Spring Days

Hi there! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and have an exciting week in store. As usual, we’ve been on the go around our house.

Last time we chatted Hunter had just come home from the vet with a tail accident and had a small surgery. Unfortunately, the next morning we had to bring him back to the vet. They kept him there for three days to make sure his tail was healed enough to bring him home.


Since he was injured on the very tip of his tail, every time he wagged it he would inevitably whack it and open the wound. They kept him sedated enough to let the area heal. He still has stitches and a bandage, but he’s home and doing well! Our vet was unbelievably helpful and generous throughout this process. If you’re looking for a great vet in the area, let me know!

We also had a birthday party for my mom last weekend! We all had a great time and it was a blast to host a big party. It was fun to show off all the little remodeling projects we had done over the year. We see our house every day, so we tend to loose focus on how far it’s come since we moved in.

In other news, the weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Maryland. I hope you all have been able to enjoy the outdoors as well! Unlike other years, we jumped feet first into spring/early summer. It’s been just wonderful!



Our bathroom project is completely finished! I just want to pick out a couple of paintings to hang before I post my final bathroom post. It’ll have some great before and after pictures too.

This weekend was full of little projects. We shampooed our basement carpet, hung towel bars, fixed some plumbing issues, weeded the flowers beds, and gave our house a bath.

And by we, I mean Alex. I weeded. Alex washed.

And by gave our house a bath, I clearly mean we pressure washed the outside!


Check out the grossness.





Isn’t this the best picture of Alex?


Our house is now squeaky clean!

Check out these two…


Aaaand this one…


How was your weekend? Any fun St. Patrick’s Day festivities?DSC_0271

Have a great evening!!


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