Paint by Numbers

Guess what we did this weekend?? Not sure? Here, I’ll give you a little hint…


We’re starting to get to the end of this project and both of us are so excited. When I get to wake up on a Saturday and the only thing I have to do in the bathroom is shower and get ready for the day, I’ll be jumping for joy! Soon… soon…

Saturday morning we painted the bathroom and ceiling with primer.


I’ve never seen such a white room – it was incredible. Really.. like being in the middle of an avalanche white.

While we waited for this puppy to dry, we did some errands around town and grabbed a delicious lunch. It was nice to get out of the house!! However, we both wanted to get this painting done over the weekend so we were back to work when we got home.

Two coats of ceiling paint down…


And we called it a night.


After church this morning, we got started again!

First, we touched up the ceiling a bit with another quick coat of paint. Then we cut and painted the new baseboards and trim for around the window and door.



Next up – we finally started to paint the walls. At first our color really looked pretty dang brown…


Then it’s green little head started to show…


While it’s different than we expected, we’re 98% sure that we like it. I like the way it looks next to the tile.


We decided to hang our shower heads. Yes, in fact – that was plural.

Alex has stayed in a lot of hotels throughout his military life and has not been able to get the idea of a rain head off his mind. After a ton of research, we found the perfect rain head! However, I had never used a rain head before and had two main concerns:

  1. Is there enough water pressure to rinse out my conditioner?
  2. How the heck are we supposed to give the dogs a bath?

So.. we decided to keep a normal shower head and get a fancy pants rain head too. Since this (better be) will be the only time we completely gut and remodel this dang bathroom, we better do it the way we want to.



Understandably, we both got really excited about the shower heads and decided we needed to test them out. Considering that we don’t have a glass shower enclosure yet, this task was going to be a little difficult.

Home Depot bucket to the rescue!


It works!!!

To sum up – this one basically describes our whole weekend.



Have a good night!


3 thoughts on “Paint by Numbers

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