Floors, Glorious Floors!

Yesterday morning Mike, my father-in-law, packed his bags and headed home. We are so grateful that he was willing to leave his wife, home, and friends for almost three weeks to help piece of nightmare bathroom back together. The work wasn’t easy and it definitely wasn’t fun, but he certainly brought his expertise! Thanks again, Mike! (And Corry for letting us borrow your husband Smile)

Before Mike left, we had just enough time to lay the tile for the bathroom floor. Check this little bad boy out!





This evening after work Alex grouted the tile while I started attacking our filthy home. I’m guessing that it’s going to take three or four cleanings before our house is back to normal. Anywho – the grout looks great!



We also ordered our glass for the shower enclosure today. Who knew those things could pay for our future children’s college tuition? Holy cow! Way to blow our bathroom budget outta the water. Lame.

Tomorrow we’re picking paint colors and once that’s done – we’re putting the bathroom back together! Wahoo!!

(and getting this thaaang outta the middle of our bedroom)





3 thoughts on “Floors, Glorious Floors!

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