A post that doesn’t have to do with our bathroom

I’m sure you don’t feel like seeing construction pictures every time that you stop by. I’ll continue to show you progress, but this girl needs a break! SOOO — let’s talk about something else, shall we? What a good idea. 

(Cue: awkward subject change.)

Healthy Choices

First a little background – I was pretty small growing up. Although I’ve been the same height since middle school, I was always an active child and was regularly teased for being “too skinny.” However, like most young adults when I went off to college I often ate and drank too much, didn’t get nearly enough sleep, and went to the gym only on occasion.

I went from being too thin to looking like a normal person in a flash. After college I stopped drinking all the time, tried to make healthier eating choices, and attempted to work out routinely. For the last two years – I was on a role! Each week I made my way to the gym 4-5 times and I felt like I could eat what I wanted because I knew I was getting enough physical activity.

The funny thing with making healthy choices is that it seems to come in swings.

Throughout Alex’s last deployment I really didn’t make any changes to my food intake, but still at the end of the three months I found myself less healthy. Now I know all of you parents out there will start to roll your eyes here… but I told myself that I was just too busy to find time to go to the gym. I was already working 9 hour days and once I started my new job, I tacked on an hour commute each way.

My excuse was that I didn’t want to leave the dogs alone at home for even longer than they had to be. In all honesty, I could have found plenty of time to get in some exercise – I just didn’t. I could have continued with our Insanity program after Alex left, I could have taken the dogs for a run when I got home, or even committed to working out during lunch.

When you don’t change your eating habits, but you cut out the majority of your exercise – only one thing happens. It doesn’t happen overnight either. However, once I found that my clothes were fitting tighter and I felt a little less confident than normal, I knew I needed to make a change.

For the last six weeks I have made my way back to working out 5 times a week. It wasn’t easy though. Even though I knew that I needed to get back to being healthy – I didn’t feel like dragging my butt to the gym. But — I did. Logically I realize that results don’t happen overnight but I can’t help but to find myself frustrated when I don’t get any instant gratification.

At first I had these ridiculous goals for myself. Only eating salads for lunch every day. Jump start my fitness routine by working out twice a day. This only leads to a quick burn out.

Now, I’ve taken a step back and made new goals that are a little more attainable. Let’s have a look:

  • Up the water intake! (During the work day: Two glasses in the morning pre work-out, three post work-out and an addition two before bed) So far, so good.
  • Go to a fitness class each work day during lunch (These classes are actually a ton of fun and a great way to get out of my computer chair. I find that I look forward to them each day now!)
  • Take the dogs on at least 3 walks per week (This week so far – just one. I need to get hoppin’!)
  • Have at least one fruit/veggie per meal (With a little planning, this one is fairly easy as well)
  • Cut back alcohol to Friday and Saturday evenings (We’re really not big drinkers, but I find that after a long day a beer or glass of wine sounds nice. If I have one each night for the whole month – that ends up being a lot!)

Not having a glass of wine/beer seems to be the most difficult right now. With Alex and his dad home working on our bathroom all day, by the end of the day – they really could use a drink! It’s hard to always say no when everyone else is indulging! Baby steps…

I keep telling myself that it took me three months to get to where I am now, so I’m hoping that in three months I’m back to feelin’ good!

Okay, enough with the chatter. Let’s change the subject and do a Photo Phone Dump! Enjoy 🙂

While we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house, I thought to grab something cold for the hardworking men! I think they liked it 🙂

Sleepy Mutts.

 Sleepy Daddy with Sleepy Mutts.

I started this fire… 99% by myself!

 This little gem was taken of Bailey from the once hole through our bathroom floor and into the garage.

 Homemade hummus! Yummmmay!

 Walk numero one-o.

 The superbowl snack I made for the men! Also — delicious.

I think that’s all for today! This girl is off to Pilates 🙂 Happy Hump day!


6 thoughts on “A post that doesn’t have to do with our bathroom

  1. It’s so easy for me to make excuses about not eating healthy and not exercising regularly!! But once I get into the habit, I can usually stay with it for a while.

    PS – I think you’re gorgeous.
    PPS – Can you be my valentine? I could use a beer! (Post baby of course..)

  2. Congratulations a little late on your year anniversary in the new house! Isn’t it amazing how fast it goes by? We just hit a year on Feb 1st and I’ll say we’ve done no where near the amount of work that you guys have..(of course our house and yard are probably half the size lol) So glad that things are well! Pups are cute as ever!


  3. Hey Lifewithacrazypup,
    Thanks you for your post, I’m getting my bathroom re-done for my birthday (June). I know I want a modern look, but I don’t really have a preference color wise. It doesn’t have to be super cheap, but not way out there either. I’m getting a new sink, shower-bath, medicine cabinet (with mirrors, please), toilet (maybe), and flooring. If you could suggest a nice color for the bathroom, and post some pictures of a bathroom, or separate appliances, I would appreciate it.
    Kindest Regards

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