Hot Damn, we’ve got walls.

Who knew a girl could get so excited by sheetrock? We had yet another busy weekend working on this disastrous bathroom ordeal. I’m starting to feel like if we don’t get to the end of this project soon, I’m going to turn into the weird kid that starts pulling their hair out.

It’s going to happen folks – and it ain’t gonna be pretty!

Anywho – I digress.

Saturday morning our nightmare bathroom looked like this.


It had floors, a ceiling, plumbing, electricity and insulation. One giant minor piece of the puzzle that was missing? Walls.

Oh, and a toilet, a shower, tile, vanities, mirrors… (Why does a bathroom remodeling project never end??)

Where were we? WALLS!


Measure, measure, measure.


Drill, drill, drill.


And WAM, BAM, Thank you Ma’am – We’ve got ourselves some walls. HOT DAMN!

We also have (after a ginormous headache) a shower pan ready to go and some HardieBacker on the walls of the shower.


Doesn’t that just look fancy?

One small problem – the drain of the shower isn’t hooked up yet and it’s completely open to the garage.


And if you, like me, are tired of our bathroom ordeal and actually came to this page because it’s called “Life with a Crazy Pup” and yet there are no dogs to be found…


Now you can’t say that I never did anything for you.



6 thoughts on “Hot Damn, we’ve got walls.

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