The Past Week of Bathroomdom

Hey kids!

The men have made a ton of progress on the bathroom this week. I can really start to imagine what the end product will look like.

Although the ball is definitely rollin’ now, the week was off to a slow start. The men spent 4 days replacing plumbing. You seeeee….. our house was built with copper pipes, as most homes are. However, we also have well water (because, yes, we don’t live in the city). The problem with copper pipes and well water, is that the water slowly forms little pin-hole sized leaks over 10,15, or 20 years.

So.. while we had the walls and floor out – we might as well replace the old pipes.


Five points if you can find Alex….



After the pipes were replaces, the boys had to insert new insulation into the walls and floor.


The following day the plywood was set on the ground followed by HardieBacker (the flooring that you attach the tile to).



Today was another great success! The electrical work was completed!


Now we have an almost bathroom with nice pretty can lights!


And!! Now we have a ceiling full of sheet rock. Hooray!

We’re getting there, kiddos. Slowly, but surely.

Have a good one (and enjoy this little songie song)!


5 thoughts on “The Past Week of Bathroomdom

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