Bathroom Destruction Day 4

Today was a day full of work for the menly men. Mike (Alex’s dad) flew in yesterday afternoon to stay with us for a few weeks. While I was at work, the men were hard getting sh*t done.

Example one:

They tore down the sheet rock between our bedroom and the bathroom. Most of the sheet rock towards the bottom had some mold on it due to the water leak. There was no way we were going to close up a perfectly new bathroom with old sheet rock full of mold.


Check out that view!

Example two:

They tore out a lot of the damaged floor boards to:

A. Replace

B. Get to the plumbing

C. All of the above


Say hello to our garage!

Example 3:

Ceiling – had to go.


Pretty much all of the damaged wood is out of the bathroom now! Hooray! There’s still a ton of work left, but these dudes did a heck of a lot today!


The only downfall – our bedroom is completely filthy!


Check out the video I got while I was at work so I could stay in touch with the progress!

Alex giving me a run down.

Anywho — we’re taking a quick moment to relax and then we’re out to grab some grub (and maybe some beer!).




4 thoughts on “Bathroom Destruction Day 4

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